Sunday, 11 April 2021

The Benefits of Online Dating

Online dating is an exciting, modern and fun trend. The rise of the internet and social media has meant that we can make instant connections from people all over the world. Gone are the days where we would have to wait for the weekend and payday before we could go on a date; nowadays dates can be at a click of a button. There are many benefits to online dating as will be discussed in this article.

Before the days of the internet, many people would meet in social situations such as in the pub or in work. Though you might feel as though you have made an instant connection with someone, it's near impossible to tell without asking if they are single, if they have the similar interests as you or even whether they are open to the possibility of a date. By using free dating sites for example, you can opt to meet people who are available, happy to date and are the type of person you are interested to hear more from.

zoom chat

Using free dating sites enables you to meet with people in the same area as you which means you don't need to worry about the difficulties of a long-distance relationship. Suffolk dating site Meet Suffolk Singles for example, enables people to select those from the Suffolk area. It's great peace of mind to know that if you meet that special someone, you wont have far to travel when you wish to meet up. 

Once you've met the person that you'd love to date, considering a virtual date via video calling has many benefits:

It makes dating cheaper
Virtual dating is cheaper than a regular date as you won't have the expense of a taxi there and back or the cost of cinema tickets or food and drinks, for example. You both won't have to wait for payday before going on the date, nor will you both have the dilemma of whether you should be halving the bill or paying for all of it!

It's a quicker way to meet. 
In the past, you would usually arrange a date with someone and then have to wait a few days until you could finally meet up with them. This may have caused an array of emotions from nerves to excitement and you can run the risk of either being a bundle of nerves on the date or it being a complete anticlimax. The nature of online dating means you can virtually meet up straightaway, or at least that same evening if suits. 

It reduces any awkwardness
If you find your date isn't quite as you anticipated or there's simple no connection, you won't have to endure the rest of the date with them or an awkward taxi ride home until you can make your exit. 

Be in the comfort of your own home
You can be in the security and comfort of your own home for your virtual date which can reduce much of the anxiety you may be feeling about meeting up with someone new. 

Fun and entertaining
You don't have to just chat on your date, you can consider one of many different virtual activities on offer such as virtual wine tasting, virtual pub quizzes, virtual escape rooms or virtual cooking classes to name just a few things. This can be a great idea for anyone worried about being able to keep the conversation going.

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The Future of Online Dating

One thing is for sure, life has been considerably different over the last 12 months. Due to the coronavirus pandemic we have each had restrictions placed upon our lives in order to control the rates of infection. Whilst this has been essential, I think we can all agree that it hasn't been easy and we've all had to do our best to muddle through and adjust. Staying connected virtually with our friends and family has been vital, not only as a way of keeping in touch with our loved ones, but it has also been crucial for our wellbeing. Luckily we live in an age where keeping connected is easy and instantaneous. So what does this mean when it comes to dating and meeting new people?


Virtual dating
Whilst is it not as easy to meet new people in social situations  as it was 12 months ago- at the pub or in work for example, it doesn't mean that new connections and friendships can't be made. It also doesn't mean that dating has to be paused. There are many ways to find likeminded individuals on the internet. Cambridgeshire dating site Meet Cambridgeshire Singles for example is a great way of connecting with others in the Cambridgeshire area. Knowing that these individuals are local, single and open to making new connections certainly takes out some of the leg work too! There are many free dating websites to help you meet that special someone. 

Virtual meetings  
Now that you've found someone you're keen to date, you may like to consider a virtual meetup with them.  Zoom is one of a few different video conferencing platforms that enable you to meet individuals virtually and this is a great way of virtually dating. You can get a feel for what the individual is like and also see if there's that all important connection and spark of attraction. There are many benefits to virtual dating as opposed to meeting up in person:
  • Cheaper- you wont need to consider taxi costs or food and drink expenses for example.
  • Quicker- if you realise the person you are dating isn't quite for you, you wont have to awkwardly sit through a three course meal or make difficult small talk on the ride home.
  • Instantaneous- you don't need to wait until you can make a dinner reservation or until the babysitter is free as virtual dating can be done from the comfort of your home on your timescale.
Phone calls
If you're not quite ready to meet someone (virtually) face to face, you may like to consider a phone call. Many phone contracts come with unlimited or plentiful minutes to enable you free or cheap phone calls or you could do this from an app such as WhatsApp which also offers a free call feature.

Virtual activities
You also don't just have to stick to just talking. You can bring a little fun to the date with a virtual activity that you can both enjoy. A virtual pub quiz, a virtual wine tasting evening, virtual cocktail classes, online gaming or virtual escape rooms are just a few ideas of things to do. This is a great idea if you're nervous about running out of things to talk about or are a little shy.

Happy dating!

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Tuesday, 6 April 2021

The Business of Blogging- My Blogging Journey So Far

My blogging journey began over four years ago just as I was navigating my way through parenting a small child and a baby. Around the birth of my middle child (the aforementioned baby), I had stumbled upon some blog posts that I could really relate to. They were focused on the trials and tribulations of parenting small children; some of these posts were humorous and others were heartfelt, but the main message of them was that it was ok to be finding it a bit hard- because parenting small children isn't always easy. It was like a revelation! I had honestly thought that it was just me that was struggling a bit. I remember wondering if perhaps I wasn't cut out for parenting. Why did I always have Weetabix in my hair when other mums seemed so glamourous? Why was I always running late? Why did it take me so long to leave the house with my baby? Why was I the only mum in the baby group that had struggled to breastfeed? Etc, etc. I really did give myself a hard time, I can see that now with the benefit of hindsight but at the time I felt like I was failing at being a parent. When I stumbled upon these brutally honest posts from parents that had decided to document their parenting journeys, thoughts and musings, it suddenly didn't seem quite so lonely. I could also then confidently say; 'it isn't just me!' 


Shortly after, I decided to start my own blog. I had no idea how to do this so after some Googling I eventually figured out how to set up a basic blog. I then published my first ever post entitled 'The Glorious Rise in Real Parenting' in honour of the trend to share the 'real side' of parenting that had helped me so much. I hit publish and waited for the page views to start increasing. Only they never did. I genuinely had no idea that people wouldn't just stumble upon the post through the power of search engines but rather, had to be directed to it and this is where social media accounts are worth their weight in gold. Once I had eventually figured this out, I then made some social media accounts, invited a few friends and shared the post again. Over the next few weeks and months, I began to create posts with a bit of a humorous or heartfelt twist to them. It felt good to be creative!

I soon learnt that social media is the key to growing a blog. Taking my Facebook page for example, the small handful of followers that it had initially, slowly began to increase as these followers then invited their friends to like the page or commented and shared my posts which then opened them up to a wider audience. I was also able to join blogging groups where I have learnt some invaluable blogging tools and where there's a community of bloggers always willing to lend a hand.

It was also through social media that I stumbled upon something that has had the biggest impact on my blog's journey so far: I found a group of likeminded bloggers and influencers that were able to point me in the direction of paid blogging opportunities. Not long after, I had received my first payment for a blog post and over the next few years, as I wrapped my head around how it all works, my little blog had become my business which I made an income from.

Making my blog into a business had never been my intention but through this work, and in addition to my other business, I've been able to work hours to suit the demands of family life which has been such a blessing while they are still so young. We have also had some wonderful family days out and experiences through the blog as well as products to review which keeps life interesting. Whilst I had started the journey as a parenting blogger, I now consider myself to be a parenting and lifestyle blogger, enabling me to cover a wider range of topics. My Facebook page however, will always remain a place for sharing all the funny parenting mishaps and a way of communicating the message to each and every parent that they are doing absolutely fine- afterall, this is what I had needed to hear all those years ago and how indeed my blog came to be!

*Disclaimer: This is a paid collaboration. 

Friday, 2 April 2021

My Little Love Heart- Beautiful Baby Accessories

I was so delighted when I was recently contacted by the lovely Luisa, owner of My Little Love Heart, to see if I would like to review some baby accessories. I jumped at the chance! 

My Little Love Heart have an array of gorgeous baby accessories, which are handmade and beautifully designed in Perth, Australia. The items are carefully crafted and are made with 100% cotton, organic cotton and cotton/ bamboo so deliver the absolute best for your precious little one. Not only are the items beautifully soft but they are also eco-friendly and safe for baby too. 


I was kindly given the opportunity to review a gift set which contained a baby bib, a bunny teether, a burp cloth and a bandana bib. I opted for the gorgeous koala design which I just love so much- I couldn't wait for it too arrive. When the parcel arrived, it was so beautifully packaged that it's clear how much thought and care goes into everything at My Little Love Heart. The items also did not disappoint, they are so beautifully soft and are wonderful quality too.


The first item my little one wore was the bandana bib. This has been so handy as he is very dribbly at the moment so quickly soaks through his onesie and vest. These bibs help absorb moisture as they are made with a highly absorbent material with a bamboo backing. The front pleats also help to catch some of the excess drool. I love how practical these are but also how stylish they are too- they make a great little accessory for some of his little outfits.


The bunny teether, is a really cute and clever design. It consists of a hardwood ring which is coated with a certified organic beeswax blend and it also has cotton fabric with a bamboo backing for the ears. My little boy loved exploring this teether.


The baby bib is another really practical item that looks great too! It has double layers to protect baby's clothes and is super soft too.

Lastly the burb cloth is one of those items I will probably never be without while he is so little. It is handy for catching any little accidents as you burp them. The shape of them enables you to easily drape them over your shoulder for when your baby is being burped; I haven't seen this design over in the UK!


I absolutely love the items from My Little Love Heart. The range of items available are simply stunning and it's clear how much love and attention goes into each and every product. A great eco-friendly, quality brand- I will definitely be putting an order in soon!


You can visit My Little Love Heart here.

*Disclaimer- I was kindly gifted these items in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

A Cracking Easter Gift Guide for 2021

Easter is typically a time to enjoy a chocolate egg (or two or three!) but why not shake things up by gifting your loved ones with something a little bit different this year? If you're in need of a bit of inspiration. I've put together an Easter gift guide full of egg-cellent ideas!

For Children...

STABILO Woody 3 in 1 Pencils
Your children can get creative this Easter with the wonderful STABILO woody 3 in 1 pencils. They act as colouring pencils, watercolours and wax crayons all rolled into one, creating bright and vibrant colours. They can be used on a multitude of surfaces including glass, coloured paper and card. They easily wash off glass enabling your little ones to create their own (non-permanent) masterpieces on the windows. They are also long-lasting; each pencil has 10mm led with the same amount of colour as eight standard colouring pencils! What a cracking Easter gift for little ones. Find out more here


Haribo Chick 'n' Mix
What child (or adult) wouldn't love this Easter gift box from Haribo? It is packed with delicious Easter-themed sweets; TangfastChicks, Starmix's favourite Fried Egg, Jelly Bunnies and Spring Time Friends. They are contained in a cute and fun gift box to delight and excite your little one this Easter! Find out more here


For Babies...

Peter Rabbit Bamboo Dinner Set- Beatrix Potter
This beautiful bamboo dinner set from Enesco is just perfect for baby's first Easter Sunday lunch. It consists of a plate, cup, bowl and cutlery with charming illustrations taken from the original Beatrix Potter stories to delight your little one during mealtimes! Find one here

Dinner set

For You...

Mermaid Gin
Not only is Mermaid Gin contained in one of the most beautiful bottles ever, it also tastes divine. It comes from the Isle of Wight Distillery and is a smooth yet complex blend. It features an array of interesting and beautiful botanicals including lemon zest, juniper and rock sapphire. A smooth and refreshing treat this Easter. Find yours here

Mermaid Gin

ARRAN Sense of Scotland Reed Diffuser

Relax, unwind and breathe in the exquisite scents bought to you by ARRAN Sense of Scotland. This family-run business have created an array of luxury fragrances  for bath, body and home which are made on and inspired by, the beautiful Isle of Arran. The reed diffusers make a wonderful gift this Easter enabling one to immerse themselves in the vibrant and carefully crafted fragrances. The After The Rain Reed Diffuser has delicate rose, zesty lime and deep sandalwood fragrances and has a stylish and classic design. To explore the range and find out more, just click here

ARRAN reed diffuser

Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted these items in exchange for an honest review.

5 Outdoor Learning Activities to Explore with Your Child

Now that the days are getting longer, and the sun is getting brighter, it’s never been a better opportunity to get outside with your child and help them learn more about the world around them. That is why we’ve teamed with a school that offers the International Baccalaureate in England to give you five suggestions on just what to do outside, be it in the garden at home or beyond!

Planting and Growing
Get those fingers green and go out and plant some stuff in the garden. It can either be that rose bush you’ve always wanted in the front garden, or you can even put together your own vegetable patch for you and your child to build and grow together. Planting and growing a variety of different things is a great way for a child to see science and nature in action.

child gardening

Treasure Hunt
Make your garden into an adventure by creating a treasure hunt! The questions asked in the clues will help your child with their reading and problem-solving skills, as they deduce where the clue is trying to take them in the garden.

Bug Hunt
Challenge your child, either out in the garden or when you’re on hikes, to try find five different bugs and animals that are around in their environment (and don’t squish any!). The act of them identifying different creatures in their environment will help deepen their understanding of the different kinds of ecosystems that surround them.

Shadow Art
On a lovely sunny day, your child can go outside and do a little art project by putting down a piece of paper and casting a shadow on it with an object that they can then draw around. They can bring their favourite toys to life on the page, or create weird and wonderful shapes to then fill in with colour, sparking their creative energies!

Paint Leaves
Collect whatever leaves may be on the ground in your garden, and have your child build a painted collection. Not only does it engage their creativity, but you can make it a nature identification exercise by having your child categorise the leaves by what they are.

Monday, 22 March 2021

Tonka Mighty Metals Fleet Review

This month we were delighted to be given the opportunity to review the Tonka Mighty Metals Fleet vehicles. Tonka toys actually take me right back to my own childhood as my brother and I had a large yellow Tonka Dump Truck that we played with lots over the years. I can still remember playing with it in the garden of our childhood home and rolling it down the slope we had. I couldn't wait to introduce my boys to the world of Tonka toys! 

Tonka began making toys in 1955. For almost 70 years Tonka have been the kings of the sandbox, based on the notion that "a toy should not break just because a child plays with it". They are certainly built to last. They are strong, sturdy and durable. In the 70s, an elephant even stood on one to test out this theory!

We were given the opportunity to review the Tonka Mighty Metals Fleet which consists of two different designs; the Mighty Dump Truck and the Garbage Truck. The Tonka Mighty Metal Fleet vehicles are a new size of vehicle for Tonka and are recommended for ages 3 to 6. The size of them suits little hands and means they are easy to lift and manoeuvre around. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor play.

So what did we think? 

Dump Truck
This is just like the Dump Truck from my childhood only smaller in size. It has the same sturdy feel and weight to it and is the same bold yellow that I can remember. My little boy loved that the dumper could be lifted; he liked to put pebbles in and then tip them out. What fun! It has a realistic design and is made with sturdy, solid metal. It also has chunky off-road wheels which my boys loved testing out on the grass, soil and carpet! 



Garbage Truck
The Garbage Truck is another great toy. There is lots of attention to detail in it; it looks just like a mini version of the real thing. It has a wonderful chunky feel to it and large durable wheels. It is a bright blue colour too. My little boys loved it! 



I was thrilled to discover that these Tonka toys were just as good quality as I remember from my own childhood. I have loved seeing my boys play with them. They are certainly exceptional quality. My little boys have been quite rough with them at times, crashing them into one another, but there isn't a scratch to be seen. These toys will certainly stand the test of time. It's a thumbs up from us!

*Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted these toys in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, 21 March 2021

Garden Rooms: The Ultimate Garden Accessory!

We've all been spending more time than ever in our homes and gardens over the last twelve months because of the lockdown restrictions in place. And so it perhaps has never seemed quite so imperative to make the most of the space that we have available to us. I always like to think that a garden or outdoor space can be considered as an extension to your home, a whole extra room if you will! When used effectively, it can serve as a relaxation, dining or recreation area, to name just a few examples. Recently, I have been looking into the possibility of purchasing a garden room. My husband has been working from home throughout the pandemic and without a separate room in our home for him to use as an office, it has certainly presented as a challenge, particularly during the weeks our boys were being homeschooled. I currently do my work in a corner of the dining room and that in itself is not without it's difficulties at times. The idea of using a garden room as an office really appeals to us both, meaning that when we have work to do, this can be done separately from the hustle and bustle of the household. 

garden room

Other than a home office, there are also a few other ways that garden rooms could be used.

A home gym
I really like the idea of using a garden room as a yoga studio. I love yoga but during the homeschooling months, I simply did not have an area to practice which was very frustrating. Even when the boys are playing in their rooms, our home is always noisy and that means a relaxing and peaceful yoga session is out of the question. With a garden room, this space would be perfect for achieving that golden silence!


A relaxation area
After the last 12 months, we are all in need of some TLC. I love the idea of making a garden room into a little sanctuary with fairy lights, bean bags, books and snuggly blankets. It could be an area that each of us could retreat to when we were in need of a bit of time out. 

A music room
My husband and I both love to play guitar and I also sing and write songs. Since having the boys, we don't have much opportunity to play or the space and quiet to focus. A garden room could be the idea place to listen to, compose and and play music. 

An area to entertain
When a bit more normality returns to us, my husband and I are both looking forward to each inviting our friends round. For him this would involve chilling with his friends playing computer games and for me, a gin night, chatter and nibbles would be perfection. A garden room would be the idea place to host. Usually if I have a friend or two round, the boys don't go to sleep easily because they think they are missing out on the fun. A garden room would be an ideal area to relax with friends on an evening without disturbing the children. 


Garden rooms can be fully customised and built entirely to suit your requirements. What a great way to enhance your living space!

*Written in collaboration.

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Gifts for new mums and babies

Bringing a little one into the world is a truly special time and a wonderful excuse for a celebration! If you're looking for that perfect gift to treat a new mum, mum- to- be or baby with then look no further than with my selection of unique, inspiring and beautiful gifts

Aska Maternity Movement Bracelet
Not only are these bracelets beautiful but they also have a very important function. They can be used to help you track your baby's movements and determine if there has been a change in the pattern or frequency of your baby's kicks. Any changes can then be reported to your midwife or local maternity unit. Once baby has arrived you can use the bracelet to help you remember which side you last breastfed from (just swap the bracelet to the corresponding wrist). These bracelets are made up of precious gemstones in three different designs, with a beautiful white freshwater pearl and sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver charm which can also be personalised. Both a stunning and practical gift, this will be a wonderful keepsake for her to treasure forever. Find out more and explore the range here.

Aska Bracelet

Petit Jovial
Bumps and babies should be treated with the utmost care which is why Petit Jovial skincare products are perfect for any mum-to-be, new mum and baby (and of course for the other precious members of your family!) Each product is 100% vegan and natural, containing no nasty or hidden chemicals. They contain no palm oil derived products and the company also donates towards Orangutan conservation products in Indonesia! The range consists of Body & Scalp Massage Oil, Nourishing Balm and Nourishing Bath Oil. The products smell simply divine and are wonderfully luxurious; what a treat! Find out more here

Petit Jovial

Bickie Pegs Peggie the Penguin®
This award-winning teether from the company behind Bickie Pegs Natural Teething Biscuits has been designed to stimulate touch, vision and oral development in babies. The cute design helps babies to reach both the front and back gum areas in the mouth so they can find that much needed relief from teething discomfort. It is freezer, dishwasher and steamer friendly and even features a handy safety clip and ribbon. This will surely become a firm favourite of baby's, offering both comfort and stimulation, which as every busy mum knows, is worth it's weight in gold! Find out more here

Peggie the Penguin

Vital Baby Microwave Sterilising Bags
Why not give the gift of convenience to the new mum with these incredibly handy microwave sterilising bags? They enable you to sterilise baby's bottles, teats, dummies, bowls, cups and spoons with ease by just placing them in the bag, adding a small amount of water and then microwaving for three minutes. They are ideal for use when out and about, on holiday or if you need a quick and easy solution at home. Each bag can be used up to 30 times. What a useful product! Find yours here.

vital baby sterilising bags
SnoozeShade is an ingenious invention designed to help babies sleep on the go as well as protecting them from the sun's harmful UV rays. Not only is it recommended by sleep consultants worldwide, but it has also won over 70 different awards! A SnoozeShade can be purchased for baby's carseat, pram, buggy and travel cot. The unique mesh fabric means that air circulates freely meaning your baby will remain in a well ventilated environment. A product that has safety at the forefront and also promotes sleep; it will surely be every parents best friend! Find out more here


Lamaze Toys
Lamaze Toys by TOMY have been carefully designed to encourage your baby to learn through play. They have been created in conjunction with child development experts, resulting in exiting and stimulating toys that support your baby's development. They are brightly coloured and feature a range of different sensory stimuli making them a favourite of babies, parents and experts! Explore the range and find out more here!

Freddie the Firefly, Lamaze

Lamaze book

BetterYou Hair, Skin and Nails Daily Oral Spray- The Madeleine Shaw Range
Motherhood is a wonderful journey but it can certainly take its toll on your body,  leaving you feeling in need of a bit of TLC. BetterYou has teamed up with nutritional therapist, chef and mother Madeleine Shaw to create a range of nutritional oral sprays to support women throughout each stage of motherhood. The Hair, Skin and Nails Daily Oral Spray contains six nutrients to help you get your glow back after pregnancy. It has a mango, peach and orange flavour, is quick to administer and is safe to use during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding too! Find yours here.

Nurturally Hands Free Pumping Bra
When it comes to expressing milk for your baby, the process is often time-consuming, fiddly and leaves you little free time (or hands!) for anything else. The Nurturally Hands Free Pumping Bra is truly innovative. It has a sports bra design and sling bottle holding system enabling mums to maintain an efficient pump to breast connection. It comes with a clear pump bag so you can even use the pump whilst moving around!. It has been designed to prevent leakage of breast milk as the bottles become heavier, maintaining the efficient connection at all times. The clever design can be adjusted so it can fit sizes S to XXL. It's wonderfully soft, comfortable and stylish and what's more, it's packaged beautifully, making this a perfect gift for any new mum. Find out more here!
Nurturally Pumping bra

Disclaimer: we were kindly sent some of the items in this post in exchange for an honest review

Tuesday, 9 March 2021

2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide

After a year of ups and downs, one thing is for sure, mums definitely deserve a treat! If you're looking for some gift inspiration for your wonderful mum or are looking for ideas for yourself then look no further than with my 2021 Mother's Day gift guide! 

St Eval Candles
I was delighted to recently discover the range of candles from St Eval. Created on a sustainable farm in North Cornwall, traditional methods are used to craft the high quality candles by hand. The unique pots, blends and fragrances are inspired by nature and inspiration is drawn from the beautiful Cornish countryside. These would make a wonderful gift for your mum enabling her to relax and unwind by candlelight, breathing in the divine scents. Find yours here!

St Eval

I love the range of products from MamaBabyBliss. They have created a selection of 100% natural, vegan skincare products for pregnancy, new mums and babies. This luxury range includes stretchmark oil, aromatherapy pulse point sticks, body butter, nipple cream, baby oil and nappy cream. I'm obsessed with the Joy! Uplifting Bliss Stick. It is formulated with Bergamot, lime and geranium essential oils to help lift and energise you. You simply apply to your wrists for an instant pick-me-up! Explore the range here.

Uplifting bliss stick

Willow Tree figurines
Motherhood takes you on a wonderful journey and many of the Willow Tree figurines found at Willow Tree Gift capture those tender, beautiful moments that you just wish you could bottle and keep for a lifetime.  Find yours and explore the collection here
Willow Tree

Eflorist Mother's Day Bouquets
The beautiful bouquets of flowers available at Eflorist will be adored by your mum, They have a range of stunning bouquets or potted plants to choose from to brighten her day and let her know how special she is. The bouquets are available in three different sizes and can even be teamed with a card, teddy, vase and box of chocolates! To explore the stunning Mother's Day flowers from Eflorist just click here.


Aveeno Mum and Baby Gift Set
This gorgeous set for mum and baby contains everything you need to care and nourish for mum and baby's delicate skin, helping them both relax and unwind this Mother's Day. The set contains a body wash and moisturising body lotion for baby and a moisturising lotion for mum. The products contain naturally derived ingredients like oat extract to delicately and effectively soothe and nourish our skin. The set also contains a sweet little teddy comforter. Find out more here.


Wellness and Restore Online Mother's Day Mini Retreat
We are all in need of some pampering, rest and relaxation right now and whilst we can't attend wellness centres and retreats in person right now, we can still attend virtually. The Wellness and Restore Online Mother's Day Mini Retreat is the perfect way to unwind, destress and relax after such a difficult 12 months. This wellness experience brought to you by Mellulah Therapy and Yoga Retreats enables you to virtually attend a 75 minute Restorative Yoga class followed by Reiki Healing Medication. It is open to all women, not just mums and if you can't make the live session you can enjoy it as a replay! Find out more here


Institut Esthederm
This range of innovative skincare is perfect for keeping skin hydrated, youthful and energised. Their researchers have gained expertise in understanding the physiology of healthy skin and their patented Cellular Water optimises cell metabolism leaving you with fresh and radiant skin.  To find out more and to explore this amazing range of skincare just click here

Eau Cellulaire
Eau Cellulaire

Elephant & Bamboo Candles
These beautiful candles are from a wonderful company called Elephant & Bamboo; founded by a mother and daughter duo. Their products are inspired by African culture and the modern contemporary style.  They are passionate about creating environmentally-friendly and sustainable products to compliment your home's decor. They have a range of stunning candles, each with amazing and captivating fragrances. To explore the range, just click here


*Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted some of these items in exchange for an honest review.
Sunday, 7 March 2021

Treat Your Mum With L'abu Skin Luxury Skincare Plus Giveaway!

Your mum deserves the very best and so why not treat her to some luxury skincare this Mother's Day? I was delighted to recently discover the beautiful range of skincare products from L'abu, perfect for pampering your wonderful mother this Mother's Day. 

L'abu is a luxury, salon-grade skincare brand created by a mother and daughter with considerable experience in the skincare industry, having ran their own skin clinic specialising in treatments to lift and tighten the skin. They have launched their own range of skincare and work closely with chemists to create formulations to benefit the skin. They strongly oppose animal testing and their products are suitable for vegans. The products are also paraben and sulphate free. Here are some of the fantastic products on offer.


Oat Milk Cleanser
The natural ingredient of oat found in this cleanser, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It gently removes dirt and oil whilst exfoliating the skin. This beautiful cleanser removes make up and daily grime, leaving the skin soft, hydrated and glowing. 

Retinal Face Oil
This is designed to promote collagen and elastin, whilst refining dark circles, skin tone and clarity. It is non greasy and instantly absorbs into the skin. It targets fine lines and wrinkles, helping to give you a youthful glow. 

Hydra Face Lotion
This beautifully light lotion is a mix between a moisturiser and a serum. It is packed with vitamins, amino acids, minerals, proteins and antioxidants to enhance your skin. It boosts collagen and skin elastin to leave your skin firm and toned. 

Hand and Nail
This cream has a beautiful scent. It contains coconut and shea butter to moisturise, care for and nourish tired hands. 

Intense Face Serum
This cell renewing serum is packed with vitamins A and E, natural plant extract and skin boosting Q10 extract to revive and hydrate your skin leaving it looking fresher and younger!

I'm delighted to be able to share this promotional code with you which will give you 15% off your order and a free Hand and Nail cream at L'abu!  Just type the code LABULOVE at the checkout! 

What's more, you can win this amazing bundle of gorgeous skincare products from L'abu by entering the competition below. T0 enter just follow the steps below. Good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted these products. All opinions are my own

Mother&Baby Organic Cotton Feeding and Infant Support Pillow from CuddleCo

Becoming a new mother is a truly wonderful experience but one thing is for sure, it's not always easy! Whether you're in the early stages of pregnancy and suffering from that unforgettable pregnancy nausea, or in the third trimester on the final stretch, or even have your little one snuggled in your arms right now, chances are you're feeling a little tired and in need of some pampering. And that's why any products that help to make life a little bit easier in those early days of pregnancy and parenthood are an absolute godsend. This month I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review the Mother&Baby Organic Cotton Feeding and Infant Support Pillow from CuddleCo.

Breastfeeding support pillow
I've been breastfeeding my baby boy for seven months now and whilst I am truly grateful for this experience, it can sometimes leave me feeling a little sore and achy. I had been using a couple of square cushions when breastfeeding; one for behind my back and one for him to lie on but sometimes I don't seem to position them correctly which means my back and shoulders feel sore and my baby can't quite latch on correctly which then causes me a bit of discomfort. Even seven months in, it is still a bit of trial and error on occasions and so I couldn't wait to review the support pillow from CuddleCo to see if it made any difference.

Breastfeeding support pillow

The pillow is a horseshoe shape to contour around your middle while baby lies on the top of it in order to feed. It's sturdy but is also soft and comfortable and has a organic certified cotton cover. The unique shape which curves around your middle means that their whole body is supported and so they snuggle into you more easily. When I was using a cushion for my baby to lie on, his whole body didn't fit onto it and so his legs would dangle off the side. I imagine this had been contributing to the discomfort I was feeling every time he fed.

breastfeeding support pillow

The pillow is also great for helping you to support your baby when he/she is in your arms. I have been propping it underneath him when I'm cuddling him to sleep which is both comfortable for him and gives my arms a rest. It would be a great support for bottle feeds too. 

We have also used the pillow to help support him to sit up. He can't quite sit himself up yet without flopping to the side so the pillow helps to keep him supported and upright. 

support pillow baby

I loved testing the Mother&Baby Organic Cotton Feeding and Infant Support Pillow. It is multifunctional, made with high quality materials and definitely helped make life a little easier! It's a thumbs up from me!

To find one and to explore the great range of products from CuddleCo, just click here

*I was kindly gifted the product in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, 1 March 2021

Surviving the first few weeks with a newborn!

Congratulations, your little one is finally in your arms! As blissful as these early days can be, they can also be a bit of a blur. The first few days and weeks are all about survival as you get to know your new baby, begin to heal from the birth and settle into your role as a new mum. There are many products out there to help you during the first few weeks as a new mum or dad and here are a few of my favourites! 


Palmer's have some wonderful products for mums and babies. I used their products throughout my pregnancy to keep stretch marks at bay and keep my skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. Their range for babies includes their Baby Butter, Baby Oil and Nursing Butter. The Baby Butter which contains cocoa butter and aloe, is gentle enough for daily use and leaves baby's skin moisturised and soft. The Baby Oil is enriched with natural oils, cocoa butter and Vitamin E to help to protect baby's delicate skin. The Nursing Butter, which is a combination of cocoa butter and Panthenol, is designed for breastfeeding mothers, helping to soothe sore and cracked nipples. To find out more and explore the fabulous range, just click here.



Pregnancy and childbirth can cause a weakened pelvic floor which can result in urinary incontinence or urgency. Sanature incontinence pads help to keep you secure and comfortable. They are made with 100% cotton, allowing skin to breathe as well as leaving you feeling dry and protected. Their sanitary pads are also perfect for postpartum bleeding. Find out more here.


Natural Birthing company

I love the range from Natural Birthing Company. Their products are designed and developed by midwives, aromatherapists and chemists so you can be confident that they are carefully tailored for use during pregnancy and following the birth of your baby. They contain naturally derived ingredients and help to relieve common pregnancy and postpartum symptoms. The Mama's Moments Maternity Kit has everything you need for this exciting time including Cool It Mama; a cooling body spritz which is just so refreshing to use during pregnancy, labour and for life as a new mum! It also includes breastfeeding oils, a wonderful postnatal compress solution, a perineal massage solution and two organic flannels!  Explore the range and find out more here!
Mama's Moments


Modibodi provide sustainable, reusable and effective underwear that replaces the need for disposable products such as pads, tampons, incontinence pads and panty liners. They use high quality fabrics with breathable, antimicrobial fibres with their own Modifier Technology™ and Modifier Air Technology™ to prevent against stains, leaks and odours. For both pregnancy and the postnatal period, Modibodi underwear is the ideal solution to help protect you from any leaks and keep you feeling comfortable. They even have a new detachable bikini which has a clasp at the side to ensure you can easily remove it and change when out and about. They can be washed, dried and reused meaning they are much more environmentally friendly than disposable products and more comfortable too! Find out more here!

SEAMS Couturiers Hand Cream

When you have a new baby, you will suddenly find yourself washing your hands a whole lot more (and especially during the current climate!) which can result in hands becoming dry, sore and cracked. SEAMS hand cream helps to keep skin moisturised, Its carefully crafted formula leaves hands feeling soft, supple and smooth. It is enriched with shea butter, rosehip oil and oat beta-glutan. It smells divine too! Find out more here!

SEAMS hand cream

The Positive Planner

Looking after your mental health and well-being is vital during pregnancy and the postnatal period. As wonderful as the motherhood journey is, with it comes a whole host of emotions and feelings. One minute you're deliriously happy cuddling your newborn and the next minute you can be crying from exhaustion. It's certainly not easy and that's why it is important to make sure you are taking care of yourself. The Positive Planner is one way you can manage your mental well-being. It has sections dedicated to daily reflections and mindfulness activities and offers positive and inspirational quotes. It also helps you to plan and manage your time effectively, offering organisational extras such as meal planners and shopping lists. This beautiful journal will help assist, support and lift you during this special time. Find out more here!

The Positive Planner

*I was kindly gifted these items in exchange for an honest review.