How I Plan to Embrace Our Garden This Year

I've talked before about how I like to think of the garden as an extension to our home, like a whole extra 'room' if you will! And that's why this year I'm determined to make the most of our garden. Now that my boys are aged two and five they seem to have a surplus of energy which I just can't seem to contain within the walls of our house. They need to walk and run about and so come rain or shine that's often what they will do in the garden. Of course, British weather is notoriously hit and miss but that doesn't mean they need to be contained to indoors entirely during the bad weather. Rain-suits and wellies on and they will often have just as much fun! So here are five ways I'm determined to embrace the garden this year! 

Our Greenhouse
I love growing plants and I'm keen to get the boys interested in this too. My eldest has certainly been excited to plant some seeds and see them sprout recently. We are lucky enough to have a greenhouse left for us by the gentleman that lived here before us and so this year we are planning to grow tomatoes and cucumbers in there. In fact our little tomato plant that we grew from a seed is coming along nicely. I'm keen for the boys to learn about the life cycles of plants as well as how to care and respect all living things. The great thing is, that you don't need a greenhouse, or even outdoor space in order to grow plants; a Grow Tent creates an ideal indoor growing environment.

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A Vegetable Patch 
This year we are aiming to have a little vegetable patch with carrots, courgettes, broccoli and lettuce. We will also have pots of strawberry plants. There's something truly wonderful about growing, harvesting and eating your own fruit and vegetables and I'm hoping that this will encourage my boys to have a greater love for eating them!


Dining Area
Last year my husband bought a BBQ and we have lovely memories of lazy, warm weekend days enjoying some alfresco dining! It's also a real treat for the boys and encourages them to try a range of meats, fish, vegetables and salads that they might otherwise be reluctant to try. I can't wait for BBQ season! We have a little wooden table and chairs set for outdoors but I'd love to purchase something a little more stylish and comfortable this year. You can buy wonderful patio and furniture sets these days, like these that can be found on Groupon, and I think they can really compliment outdoor space. 

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Outdoor Lighting
In our last home we had some solar lights and they added such a wonderful ambiance in the evenings so I can't wait to do the same this year. It meant we were encouraged to sit outdoors for longer enjoying the fresh air and on clear nights it was blissful to enjoy a cold glass of wine while looking at the stars! 

Relaxation area
What could be better than a dedicated relaxation area in your garden? Invest in some comfortable chairs, recliners or even hammocks like the hammocks from Tropilex for your garden. You can then accessorise with some soft cushions and snuggly blankets!

Outdoor Play
Little ones have the most amazing imaginations and so you'll find that they really don't need much in the way of toys for the garden. Simply providing my little ones with a bucket provides hours of entertainment, as they collect sticks, stones and leaves or make little ladybird homes, for example. Rachel Bustin has some great ideas for outdoor play. There are a few items that we will be encouraging them to play with during the warmer weather. My little boys have both a sand and a water table which has previously provided them with so much entertainment that it was certainly money well spent! And what could be better than a ball for them to kick around and throw. Certainly worth every penny, all 99 of them! 

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So there you have it, a few ways I'm planning to embrace the garden this year. Do you have any plans and ideas for yours this year? I'd love to hear them! 

*Post written in collaboration


  1. This makes me excited for summer! We're currently in a townhouse until after my husband finishes his postdoc, but we have a nice patio that I used to grow veggie last summer and now that we have our litter Edison, I think I think I'll grown some things out there again so that he can get use to having his hand in soil

    1. As that sounds lovely! Your little one will love seeing the first veggies begin to sprout ☺ x

  2. These are great ideas. We love to grow our own vegetables too but don't have a greenhouse #MMBC