Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Easter Treats For All The Family

Easter is nearly upon us and it's fair to say this one is certainly going to be a little bit different due to the current climate. But it doesn't mean that this Easter has to be treat-free. If you're out at the shops picking up essential items you can still add some Easter treats to your basket or you can place an order for delivery. What's more, this is the perfect opportunity to do some baking to create some homemade Easter cakes. Here is my selection of some of my favourite treats.

Mummy Meagz Chuckie Egg*
This is a delicious vegan creme egg. It has a rich chocolate shell with a sweet creamy inside! Yum! Find yours here
Tala Retro Traditional Stonewear Mixing Bowl*
Home baking will be an absolute delight with this beautiful mixing bowl. It is made from high quality stoneware to make it durable and chip-resistant. I love the pastel blue colour and the embossed design. It also has a generous size for mixing all your ingredients. Find yours here


Asda's Extra Special Extra Fruity Hot Cross Buns
Why not treat yourself to some delicious extra fruity, hot cross buns from Asda. They include sweet sultanas and fragrant mixed peel. Along with the more traditional hot cross buns they also have an indulgent range containing; Extra Special Sea Salt Fudge Hot Cross Buns, Extra Special Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns and Extra Special Apple and Sultana Hot Cross Buns. Add some to your online grocery order or pick up in store. 
Aldi's Easter Treasures 
These individually wrapped chocolate bunnies from Aldi are perfect for Easter hunts in the garden or home. Your little ones will love them (if you don't get to them first!).

Joe & Seph's Chocolate Popcorn Mini Eggs*
These are the ultimate indulgent treat; two pieces of salted caramel popcorn in a silky, miniature milk chocolate egg! They are so moreish that you won't want to share! Find yours here!   

Have a very happy Easter! Stay home and stay safe! 

Disclaimer: The starred items were kindly gifted to me in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Love Leggings: Review and Giveaway

Recently I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to try some leggings from Love Leggings. They stock a wide array of different styles in a range of different colours and each pair is of exceptional quality.

Leggings are a key staple in many women's wardrobes, but often leggings can be slightly see-through, badly fitting and made with flimsy material that doesn't last. At Love Leggings, each pair is crafted using the finest fabrics, ensuring they are opaque and beautifully soft. I can honestly say these are the best leggings I have ever worn.

If you're looking for everyday leggings, you can select whether you would like a classic full length, cropped or high-waisted style and each of these are available in a range of different colours. They also provide a plus-size range which again, is available in three different styles. You can also opt for leggings from the tall or petite range. Every body shape is catered for as Love Leggings recognises that each individual woman is unique and beautiful!

They also provide range of different sports leggings. These feature a high, comfortable and supportive waistband and are made with lightweight breathable material. The Energise leggings are made with gym and fitness in mind and have stretch-shape technology meaning you can exercise both in comfort and in style. The Focus sports leggings are designed with yoga and Pilates in mind; they are designed to help you stay cool and fresh and their lightweight and comfortable style ensures that you can seamlessly and freely move into each different pose. Finally the Empower leggings are designed with running and fitness in mind. They will make you feel supported and secure as you exercise and also feature wonderfully handy, easily accessible pockets! You can select sports leggings in cropped, full length or 7/8's size. I have previously been kindly gifted a pair of the Mulberry Plum Leggings, these are so soft and my absolute favourite leggings for yoga. They wash beautifully and have maintained their shape. There is currently 20% off the sports collection! Perfect for helping you stay in shape during this unusual time. 

Now on to the maternity leggings which I was kindly gifted a pair of. I chose the Infinity Blue full length leggings and I can't quite get over how comfortable and soft they are. I loved them so much that I immediately went online and bought a further two pairs in different colours. These leggings have an over the bump design which means your bump feels supported and secured throughout the day. This section can be folded down easily which I sometimes choose to do depending on what top I am wearing or how hot I'm feeling. The inside of the leggings is so soft, almost fleecy too touch, without them generating a lot of heat. They also wash well too. I really love the colour of these, they go well with many of my tops and offer something a little different from the more generic colours I have in my wardrobe.

The maternity leggings are available in 11 different shades so you can dress in style during your pregnancy. These are so comfortable that I will certainly be wearing them for a time after my baby is born too.

I have been so impressed with the range and quality from Love Leggings that these are now my official go-to place to purchase leggings and I have no qualms in highly recommending them!

For your chance to win a pair of leggings from Love Leggings just enter my competition below!

Win a pair of leggings from Love Leggings! *Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted the leggings in exchange for an honest review.

Monday, 23 March 2020

What Vinyl Flooring Can Do For Your Kitchen

Not every renovation decision you make should be difficult. There is a lot to consider and a lot of space to fill. Therefore, using your time efficiently is vital. This is why many believe that vinyl flooring is the optimal choice for large, busy households. Consider areas such as the kitchen, that are prone to receiving the effects of accidents that cannot be removed. Let’s explore the great benefits of vinyl flooring in your kitchen.


Carefree cleaning

A kitchen is a place that gets messy quickly, from dealing with raw food to washing dirty laundry. Ensuring it is clean after an activity is vital to your health, as well as ensuring it continues to look great. But who can honestly say they love cleaning? That’s where vinyl flooring comes in. Soapy water will give this flooring its factory-sheen back in no time. No hours and hours scrubbing off stains and dirt. No water or product damage either.

A lifetime of quality
Welcome to the era of patented Scratch Guard technology! Vinyl flooring is unsusceptible to the effects of breakages and spills that occur in the kitchen. This is due to the defence technology that is built-in. This makes vinyl an ideal choice for families and homeowners with pets.

The additional magic of Scratch Guard technology is that it creates an invisible barrier between the moisture that lands on the vinyl flooring and the materials below. Therefore, vinyl flooring will never absorb the moisture or allow the stain to sink below the surface. Do you dread the cleanup from dinner preparations or your children’s bath time? All these stains need to be gone forever is a simple wipe with a damp cloth or mop.

The optimal tool for renovations

During the renovation process, the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen take priority. Therefore, starting with the foundations' of these rooms first can give your renovation a big jump start. Many are choosing vinyl flooring for these rooms, as it is simple to install (even without a handyman) and it won’t be time-consuming. You’ll be cooking in your new kitchen in no time!

Captivating patterns and textures

Don’t let all this practical talk lead you to believe vinyl flooring isn’t stylish, because it is! In fact, you not only get great functional benefits but also style inspiration while browsing. There are patterns and textures from all corners of the earth for you to choose from.

Treat your kitchen to something special

Amongst all the decisions you have to make during a renovation, finding a brand you can trust, and which is reliable can be the hardest of them all – even if you’ve found your dream flooring. Amtico is a renowned UK vinyl flooring retailer. The collections include something for everyone, from Signature Woods, Spacia Stone and even Abstract! Luvanto follows the same lead but is more specifically suited to those looking for patterns and textures which represent an era or give atmosphere. The best ranges for these products are Endure Pro, Parquet and Click and Herringbone.

*Collaborative Post

Unique and Essential Items for Newborns

If you are expecting a brand new bundle of joy or have already welcomed your beautiful baby into your family, then why not check out my guide showcasing some of the essential and unique items for use during your baby's first few months.

Vital Baby Sanitising Water
This amazing sanitising water is 100% natural and kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds. It can be sprayed directly onto surfaces, for example on to their soother or highchair and the area will be effectively sanitised. It is safe to use on items which your baby will put in their mouth and it can also be used on baby's skin. What a handy product to have around the home and to pop in your changing bag! Find one here.

Vital Baby Super Soft Fruity Hand and Face Wipes
Also from the VItal Baby hygiene range are these useful Super Soft Fruity Hand and Face Wipes. They are ideal for cleaning sticky hands and faces. They have a mild, alcohol free hypoallergenic formulation to gently cleanse that delicate skin! Find some here.   
Shnuggle Baby Bath
I wish I had found out about these with my first two babies! They have been carefully designed to ensure that bath time is as stress-free as possible. They are suitable to use with your newborn helping to support the tiniest of babies into an upright position. A clever little bum bump helps prevent your little one from sliding down and foam back rest and shape of the tub ensures they are supported in an upright postition. The compact size makes them great for storing and also conserves water. Find yours at Kiddies Kingdom.
baby bath
Peter Rabbit Changing Bag 
I'm so in love with this beautiful Peter Rabbit Changing bag from Gift Giving All Wrapped Up. It features Peter Rabbit in his soft pastel colours on a neutral grey background, making this the perfect bag for both baby boys and baby girls! It offers generous storage for all those essential baby items with pockets to separate items. Find yours here!

changing bag
MAM Soothers
MAM Soothers, available in natural latex or silicone are available in a range of different sizes and can be used from birth. They have been created and developed with dentists and orthodontists to maximise comfort and to allow for healthy jaw and tooth development. I love the handy self-sterilising travel case they come with which enables you to both sterilise and hygienically store the soothers when on the go! Find yours here

MAM soothers

Baby Nails
Baby Nails are a wearable baby nail file, worn on your thumb, that enable you to effectively and safely smooth and shape your baby's nails to prevent scratching. This unique design is a much gentler and safer option than nail clippers. What's more, Baby Nails are ideal for use during cuddling and feeding times (when baby is most settled) as unlike using nail clippers or standard files, you don't need to use both hands. Baby Nails are so gentle that they can be used from birth! Find out more and purchase yours here!
Baby Cup First Cups
Another clever little product that I wish I had known about when I had my boys, Baby Cup First Cups can be used for cup-feeding milk to infants. They are really useful to have to hand if your baby experiences feeding difficulties such as tongue-tie, cleft, latch difficulties or bottle refusal. They are also ideal for weaning time too! Cups for little ones usually contain a spout or seal for sucking but these cups encourage sipping. The mini cup design is perfectly lightweight and not too bulky for tiny mouths and lips. For older babies, the mini design is perfect for little hands to grasp and as they are translucent, baby can see what's inside which will discourage them from tipping it out! They are multi-award winning and recommended by health professionals too! Find out more here.
Baby Cup
Stay tuned for more pregnancy and baby updates soon! 

Disclaimer: I was kindly sent these items in exchange for an honest review. 
Sunday, 22 March 2020

Unique and Essential Items for Pregnancy

This week I'm 18 weeks pregnant. The time is certainly flying by! Over the past few months I've been exploring some unique items for use during pregnancy which I will share below. I've also started to plan what will be in my hospital bag! 

For use in pregnancy...

Blueiron Liquid Iron
Pregnancy and breastfeeding can result in women becoming low in iron. Iron is essential for baby's cognitive brain development and as pregnancy progresses and blood volume increases, woman's bodies need more iron. Blueiron has been specially formulated for pregnant women. It is gentle on the stomach and doesn't contain an array of other vitamins meaning it can be taken alongside daily pregnancy supplements. For more information just click here!

As you may have discovered, pregnancy can put a little strain on your bladder meaning you may be prone to a few leaks. With Modibodi absorbent underwear you can go about your day in confidence, knowing their leak-proof, absorbent and comfortable undies will have your back! They can be washed, dried and reused meaning the are much more environmentally friendly that disposable products. Find out more and explore the range here.
Colief Mum to Be Cream 
To help prevent the appearance of stretch marks and to keep skin soft, supple and itch free, a good quality moisturising cream is one of my must-haves during pregnancy. I love this one from Colief. It nourishes and rehydrates skin and is enriched with plant extracts and vitamins. This one is fragrance-free, perfect for those ultra-sensitive pregnancy noses! Available at Amazon

Pregnancy can result in changes in your skin. My skin has started to be quite itchy over the last few months. Menthoderm is a Sodium Lauryl Sulphate free menthol in aqueous cream, perfect for cooling and soothing hot and itchy skin. It is available in three sizes and in three different strengths. Itching can be a sign of Obstetric Choleostatis so always let your GP or midwife know. For more information on Menthoderm, click here.


What's in my hospital bag...

Spritz For Bitz- My expert Midwife
For swelling and soreness of the vulva and perineum as a result of childbirth, this soothing spray will offer relief and comfort. It includes lavender to soothe and tea tree oil for its antibacterial properties as well as witch hazel to promote healing. Explore the range from My Expert Midwife here

Water wipes
I used these for my second born and they were one of our favourite products. They are so gentle, containing 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract and can be used on newborn skin reducing the need for fiddly cotton wool and water. These will certainly be in my hospital bag! Find out more here

Multi-Gyn Compresses
These are handy compresses for use during pregnancy or after childbirth. They can be used for discomforts including overstretched skin, injured skin or hemorrhoids for example, providing relief and supporting the natural healing process. The little sachets are perfect for popping in a hospital bag. Find them here
Multi-Mam Compresses 
Also from the Multi range is the Multi-Mam Compresses which work as an intensive nipple treatment for breastfeeding mums. They have a direct soothing effect on sore nipples, reducing swelling and preventing infection. I wish I had known about these with my first two babies. These will definitely be in my hospital bag! Find yours here.
Natural Birthing Company
I just love the range from Natural Birthing Company. Their products are designed and developed by midwives, aromatherapists and chemists so you can be confident that the products are carefully tailored for use during pregnancy and for after the birth of your little one. They contain naturally derived ingredients and help to relieve common pregnancy and postpartum symptoms. The Sleepy Mamma Relaxing Pillow Mist has been brilliant for helping me unwind and fall asleep at the end of a long day. I also love the Best washes uplifting body wash which has a delicate scent, perfect for those super-sensitive pregnancy noses! Explore the range here!

Palmer's Stretch Mark Range
This range is perfect for improving skin elasticity and improving the appearance of stretch marks. The range includes Tummy Butter, Massage Cream and Massage Lotion and it smells divine! The products are enriched with pure Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Essential oils, Collagen, Elastin and Lutein which will leave your skin soft, smooth and supple. Explore the range here


Stay tuned for more pregnancy updates soon! 

Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted some of the items in this post. I was sent a sample of water wipes a few years ago! 

Friday, 20 March 2020

Ben 10 Transforming Omni-Cycle: A Review

We were recently invited to test out the Ben 10 Transforming Omni-Cycle! For those who haven't seen the show before, it follows the adventures of a boy called Ben who discovers a mysterious alien watch known as the Omnitrix which allows him to transform into ten different alien creatures! With his Transforming Omni-cycle he can whizz through the skies or drive through any off-road terrain! 
Ben 10
The cycle, as the name suggests, can be transformed from cycle to flight mode. To do this you need to twist both sets of wheels. It was fairly straightforward to do but younger children may need a little bit of support just to ensure they have done it correctly. 

Ben 10 toy

My four year old's favourite feature of the toy was that the Ben character can grip onto the handle bars. He thought this was really exciting and enjoyed maneuvering Ben's hands on and off! He spent a long time playing with the toy, which slightly surprised me as I will be honest and admit we have never seen the show before. He made up little adventures where Ben was flying through the air and riding along. 

Ben 10 toy
The toy is bright green and certainly eye catching to capture the attention of little ones. I feel that the wheels would benefit from being a little more sturdy; there does seem to be the potential of them breaking off if children are too heavy handed with them. What is great about the toy is that it is not too fiddly as I find that many 'transforming' toys require some adult help resulting in them being a bit frustrating for children. 

If you have a Ben 10 fan, or even a child that is unfamiliar with the show like mine, there is a lot of fun to be had with the Transforming Omni-Cycle! Find one here

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Bed

You will spend one third of your life asleep and so it's vital to find the right bed for you. But just what should we be looking for when purchasing a new bed? Luckily for us, have produced this handy infographic with all the information you will need for when the time comes to purchase your brand new bed. 

Consider the colour scheme
As the infographic suggests, it is wise to consider the desired decor of your bedroom. If you're planning on a particular colour or if you like to regularly change the colour of your room, you may be best opting for white or black. This Suede Divan bed for example can be purchased in a range of different neutral colours, perfect for blending in with the desired theme of your bedroom. 

Measure the space in your room
It's important to know what floor space is available for your new bed. The last thing you will need is a brand new bed that won't fit in your room! Those with plenty of space may consider a King or Super King-sized bed whereas those with limited space may opt for a single or small single bed for example. 

Ensure you find the right mattress 
Getting the right mattress is vital in ensuring you get a comfortable and peaceful nights sleep. There are a range of different options available from basic, coil sprung mattresses to memory foam, all foam and pocket sprung mattresses. Consider how firm or soft you like your mattress to be too. 

Keep your bed clean and fresh
It is recommended that you use a mattress protector to keep your mattress fresh and free from stains. Younger children may benefit from a waterproof mattress protector. You can also get anti-allergy ones as well as temperature-regulating ones to further ensure that peaceful nights sleep. For added comfort opt for a luxury quilted one! 

Consider storage options
If storage is limited in your bedroom, under-bed storage can be a godsend. Divan beds can feature drawers for handy storage of your belongings. If you prefer a bed frame but are limited on space, consider one where storage boxes can easily be stored underneath. 

Check out the reviews
Online reviews are a wonderful resource to help decide which bed will be right for you. If the bed has glowing reviews from those that have purchased it previously, this will give you more peace of mind that you're buying a quality product. 

Delivery and removal of your old mattress
Not many of us have the means to transport a new bed home or to then to correctly dispose of the old one and that is why it is important to consider these things before making the sale. Many companies will deliver you your new bed and if removal of the old one isn't an option you can arrange for the council to collect it. 

Check out the warranty
Purchasing a bed and/or mattress that comes with a warranty will put your mind at ease in case your new bed doesn't quite meet expectations. Length of warranties can vary so it's important to check this before buying. 

When did you last purchase a bed? Do you have any tips for choosing the right one? I'd love to hear in the comments below.    

*Collaborative Post
Tuesday, 17 March 2020

What do I need to know about multi-car insurance?

Ever heard of multi-car insurance? If you have then you may guess by the name that it is a form of car insurance that is designed to cover a number of cars and their drivers; rather than just one single car and person. 

If you live in a house that has multiple cars then this type of policy is definitely one that you should consider taking out. It will cover a number of cars which makes things much easier to manage and it also means that you are likely to be eligible for a discount on the cover payments too.

Thinking about taking out a multi-car policy? Why not find out all the things that you need to know first.

How do these policies work?The first thing that you are likely to want to know is exactly how a multi-car policy works. Well, the truth is that it is actually pretty simple and straightforward. You take out a car insurance policy as you would for a single car; but the policy is able to cover 2 or more cars within it.

A multi-car policy works much the same as a single car policy; each person can choose their own level of cover within the policy (be that Third Party Fire and Theft or Fully Comprehensive). Along with this, each person can also build up their no claims bonus over time too; regardless of whether someone else within the policy needs to make a claim.

You can set up a multi-car policy with just one car, but you will need to tell your provider that you intend to add a number of other cars to the policy as soon as their current cover runs out.

Who can take out a multi-car policy?
So, who exactly is eligible for a multi-car policy? The answer is anyone who lives in the same property and that has a car that is registered to the property too. In the most part, a multi-car policy will only be taken out on 2 car. This could be a couple who each need their own car to get around.

That said, multi-car policies can be taken out by even more people than this and can be used to cover several cars. This is good news for families who have a number of cars within their home; such as those that have adult children. It is also suitable for properties that have multiple occupants such as student homes or simply those who live with their friends.

Why take this type of policy out?
There are a number of reasons why you might want to consider taking out a multi-car policy. The main reason for this is because it will save you all money. Having a number of cars within one policy will attract a discount (the amount will depend on the insurance provider of course) which is good news for you all.

Not only this, but if you are a couple who have a car each, or even more than that, then having a multi-car policy means that you will have your car insurance all in one place. You don't have to worry about managing two accounts or rearranging and renewing two policies. You can do it together in one place.

It really does make sense to take out a multi-car policy so why not find one that meets with your needs and save yourself time and money in the long and the short-term?
Sunday, 15 March 2020

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020

If you're looking for some inspiration on gifts to treat your mum with this Mother's Day, then take a look at my 2020 Mother's Day Gift Guide!

Mermaid Pink Gin Gift Set
For a beautifully refreshing pink gin, Mermaid Gin is sure to be a hit. It is infused with succulent strawberry flavours using strawberries from the Isle of White's Arreton Valley. It has a subtle, yet vibrant flavour and is less sweet than traditional pink gins. These miniatures make a gorgeously unique gift that your mum will be sure to love this Mother's Day! Find yours here.

Mermaid gin
Joe and Seph's Gourmet Popcorn
Using the finest of ingredients, Joe and Seph's indulgent range is simply the ultimate treat for your mum this Mother's Day! Their new range includes White Chocolate & Raspberry Bites, Vegan Caramel Popcorn Range, Milk and Dark Chocolate Bites, Egg-shaped Easter Popcorn Bites, over 50 varieties of Sweet and Savoury Gourmet Popcorn, 15 Caramel Sauces and Monthly Subscription boxes. Launched in 2010 this award-winning, family based business has gone from strength to strength! Find out more and explore the range here
chocolate popcorn
Creative Nature
For some healthy yet delicious treats for mum, why not explore the range at Creative Nature! They specialise in creating high quality products, free from additives as well as being allergen safe. I'm a huge fan of the baking mixes; the chocolate chip muffin baking mix is organic, gluten-free, nut free, dairy free, soya free and simply delicious! The new Gnawbles; crispy protein nibbles which are suitable for vegetarians and free from all top-14 allergens, are a tasty treat as are the Protein Crunch bars! Explore the range here

chocolate chip muffin mix

Mummy Meagz Rocky Road Bars
There Rocky Road bars are so good! They contain no nuts, dairy, eggs or gluten and so are a treat everyone can enjoy. They are chocolately, gooey and crunchy, everything you want from a rocky road bar! I love them (and so will my mum)! Find yours and explore the range here
Rocky Road

So Bomb DIY Bath Bomb Factory
This is such a fun and unique gift and one that the kids will love to get involved with too! With this set you can make your own beautiful crystal bath bombs. It's so simple to do and results in beautiful bath bombs which will colour your bath water like magic! Find yours here

Danilo Mother's Day cards 

I love the range of gorgeous cards from Danilo. For children, the Peppa Pig and Mr Men cards are sure to be hit! The Peppa Pig ones feature bright colours with special words to let your mum know how much she means for you. The Mr Men card features six Little Miss characters with humorous reasons for why Mummy is so loved! Explore the range here.


Disclaimer: I was kindly gifted the items in this post in exchange for an honest review.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

How to get the best tickets for events in Birmingham

There is just so much to do in Birmingham. Being Britain's second-biggest city, it is the perfect place to explore. So whether you are looking to entertain the children or to treat yourself to a night out, there's a whole host of options to explore. One of my favourite things to do is to take our two boys is to The Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham. There's always an array of different shows on from family-friendly performances, musical offerings and comedy shows to name just a few. 


Did you know that when it comes to finding cheap tickets, then one option is to use a ticket comparison site such as Best-Tickets works with more than 40 different sales channels so you can compare prices and opt for the one that suits you the most. Rather than going directly to the box office where prices can be high, this option ensures all the different prices are available for you to consider. Not only that but, by having all the options available to you, you can then opt for the tickets from the supplier that you know and trust the most. 

If you're not quite sure which show or event you would like to attend, Best-Tickets can also be used as a source of inspiration. By searching for 'Birmingham' on the site, a whole range of different performances and events is displayed so that you can simply pick the one you fancy! 

There's a whole world of culture, entertainment, music and theatre to explore in Birmingham. Knowing you can easily find the best price on tickets to events through online comparison sites means there's even more of a reason to explore this great city!

*This is a collaborative post