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Hello! I'm Jen, a midlands based mum of two small boys. I've previously worked as a nurse but am now self-employed, splitting my time between running my business (a new type of sensory class for babies) and blogging. Rice Cakes and Raisins is a parenting and lifestyle blog. The idea was first born after the birth of my second-child, when I began to have faith that after all the worry, self-doubt and guilt that can come from being a first-time parent, that really, I'd been doing just fine. I want others to know that it's OK to just be you, to not have parenting and adult life completely figured out, that it's OK to sometimes be a bit rubbish at it and to want to scream into the abyss one minute and at the next, squeeze them to pieces because they've been so cute you might die. My journey here hasn't been entirely smooth sailing; our first pregnancy wasn't to be and when it ended it changed everything, I changed and my husband changed. It did however pave the way for the arrival of my two small boys and for that I very blessed. I've called the blog Rice cakes and Raisins because if there was any one product that has summed up being a mum for me, it's rice cakes and bloomin' raisins (wipes too- but that didn't have such a good ring).

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  1. Welcome jen i love this story is great and wonderful also is helpful keep going.