8 Tips to Reduce Oral Discomfort in Babies

No matter where your baby is in their teething journey, oral discomfort is never a great experience for your little one. Even if your baby can’t express themselves with words perfectly, you know when your child is uncomfortable or in pain, and you want to make sure you can help them get through it. Sure, teething is a universal experience, but it’s still important to make sure they’re comfortable. If you see your baby going through some oral discomfort, there are so many ways that you can help to remedy it. Here are a few tips that you can try to reduce your baby’s pain.

baby teething

1. Rub Their Gums
With any kind of gum pain, massaging the gums can be a great way to reduce gum pain no matter what stage of teething your baby is at. Even though this might be a bit surprising, a little bit of pressure can help to relieve pain. Make sure you start out with clean fingers or wet gauze and use some light pressure to rub on their gums.

2. Sucrose
In the US, Sucrose solutions can be great for easing gum pain in babies naturally, especially when it comes to calming and soothing your baby alongside the pain relief elements. Finding a 24% sucrose solution normally does the trick, and in the US there are plenty of options for this which are completely over the counter. Often, they come in a variety of sizes for vials, which works to fit each baby’s unique needs. 

3. Use a Chilled Spoon
Sometimes, all you need to provide a little bit of relief is some cold therapy, and one of the best ways to provide that little bit of chill is by using a cold spoon. Since babies are sensitive to these kinds of things, it’s important that the spoon is chilled and not frozen — you can often find features like this on teething rings.

4. Teething Toys
Speaking of teething rings, there are so many great teething toys that you can look into that are specifically designed to help your baby get through the tougher portions of having their teeth come in. There are a bunch of different kinds of teething toys, from teething rings to edible toys. The most important thing is finding one that works for your baby.

5. Pain relief
Whether it’s consistent pain or soreness that your baby is experiencing, sometimes the best option can be to take something over the counter that’s intended to relieve pain. Although not everybody likes to give their baby painkillers all the time, these can come in handy when your baby is experiencing a serious bout of pain.

6. Wet Cloth
Sometimes, you don’t need a teething tool to give your baby something that can help them. In fact, using a wet cloth can be a great way two help relieve pain. All you need to do is put a clean, wet cloth or rag into the freezer and give it to your baby to chew on. This can help reduce inflammation along the gums and reduce pain. You can even use this cloth to massage your baby’s gums as it begins to thaw out.

7. Teething Biscuits
Beginning at around eight months of age, you can start using teething biscuits for your baby. Although these don’t exactly work for everybody, teething biscuits can be a great solution for plenty of babies as they begin to have their teeth come in. Just make sure that you keep hygiene in mind when you give your baby a teething biscuit in order to prevent cavities. You can do this by wiping the area of the teeth with a clean cloth or even starting with a toothbrush that has soft bristles on it. Even if they don’t necessarily need a toothbrush right away, this is a good habit to build for the future.

8. Cold Foods
One natural way to organically introduce pain relief into your baby’s life is to give them cold foods to snack on whenever you notice their discomfort getting worse. Foods like yogurt, fruit purée and even frozen fruits and vegetables that they can chew on like teething toys can be great for reducing oral discomfort in babies. Of course, the exact snacks that you give them will depend on the kinds of foods that your baby naturally gravitates towards, but this can be a fantastic option to navigate.

Oral Discomfort in Babies
Your baby deserves to be comfortable no matter what — which means that you can use so many methods to relieve their pain. Have you tried any of these ideas?