Exploring the books of Anne Stairmand

This month we’ve been reading the books of Anne Stairmand! My little boy, aged 4, was absolutely thrilled with his copy of Desmond’s Dragon. This lovely story follows the tale of a dragon- obsessed little boy who longs for a dragon of his very own. And that’s just what he gets! After discovering a baby dragon in his garden one evening, so begins a funny and charming little adventure between the two as they spend the day at school together. My little boy was giggling away as the dragon gets up to all manner of mischief. The book is presented with bright and interesting illustrations which my little boy enjoyed exploring. We loved this tale and it has a a sweet little ending too.

We’ve also been delighted to explore the book Archie Dingletrotter’s Flying Caravan which explores the tale of a little boy who travels with his family from village to village in a colourful caravan. One day they arrive in a wonderful little setting and decide to stay. Archie makes new friends and enjoys a very special party! This book has bright and colourful illustrations, perfect for capturing your child’s attention!

For slightly older children Anne Stairmand’s books include; The Phantom Sock Snatcher: the tale of a little boy who, after finding his socks kept disappearing, embarks on an incredible adventure, Petronella Pumpernickel-Pinkstocking-Berck and Big Wart: a story about an unusual girl and her encounters with a new boy at school and The Idiot Family at Home: a story about a very spoilt family and the punishment of community service bestowed on Jimmelta Chew Van Der Bratt! Each of these books feature fun interesting illustrations to enhance the story.

The books of Anne Stairmand are funny, unique and offer a rich array of unconventional and extraordinary characters and story-lines. Why not check these out for yourself. You can find copies of Anne’s books here.

Happy reading!