Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge with BritMums!

Any parent will know only too well just how chaotic family life can be at times. Our weekday activities consist of work, school-runs, appointments, family visits and play dates to name just a few! Our weekends often consist of swimming lessons, food-shopping, family-time, homework and many loads of washing (!) all in preparation for the week ahead. Sometimes after all the rushing and dashing about, you just crave a quick and easy meal solution. Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burger Twin Packs are just that! They take just 90 seconds in the microwave and then you can add your favourite toppings and sides to create a tasty balanced meal! 

As part of the Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge from BritMums we created a delicious meal in just a few minutes. When my children help to prepare their meals, they are always really proud of their creations and this means they enjoy eating them too! My boys had a great time in adding cheese and salad to their burgers as well as helping to make the side salad too! 

So just how did we serve our burgers? Well firstly we cooked the burger and then we added a layer of sliced cheese. We then topped this with crispy iceberg lettuce, fresh tomato and cucumber. Delicious! Then we served it with a fresh salad of lettuce, red pepper, cucumber and cherry tomatoes and a side of spicy potato wedges! 

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Rustlers Burgers are a convenient and affordable meal. Why not try Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burgers and get creative by adding a variety of tasty toppings and scrumptious sides?! 


This post is an entry for BritMums Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge, sponsored by Rustlers


  1. Really good to see how you got on and thanks so much for taking part. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums.