Did Someone Say Cake? It's Time To Get Social!

When you’re a parent, life is a whirlwind. There are chores to do, school runs to do, homework helping needed, quality time required and in all that, you’re supposed to also uphold a marriage and a social life with your friends. It’s a lot to do, and if you’re a mother who also has a career to upkeep, you’re going to burn out fairly quickly unless you find a decent balance throughout your day. One of the best ways to find a balance between kids, work and your marriage is to ensure that you are suitably relaxed and happy. Your social life and your friends can help to make that happen, you just have to allow yourself the time to have one. A coffee morning with your mum friends is the best way to do it!

Not only can you have the best drinks from tea and coffee, you can bring babies along and each host a morning during the month. The babies will likely sleep, meaning that you and your friends can relax for a morning while the older children are in school. It’s a good way to connect with the people you love being around, but there are a few things that you need to do to ensure success. Below, we have a few pointers for you so that you can host the best morning possible.

Obviously, your coffee morning will be a morning after the first school run. If you all have busy schedules, you could choose one morning a week that you all get together and swap gossip and household tales. Try to avoid public holidays, too, as many don’t have the time so there’s no need to feel disappointed if you avoid them in the beginning.
This is going to be weather dependent mainly, as you can’t very well hold a coffee morning with your friends in a park if you’re dealing with pouring rain! You should aim to either choose a convenient coffee shop – bonus, no washing up! – or choose to alternate houses. Try and stick to it, though. The whole idea is to give you a chance to socialise and enjoy the company of others.
Coffee mornings just aren’t complete without decent cake. You wouldn’t go to a cafĂ© and order a coffee on its own if you’re with friends for a chat, so get creative in the kitchen. If the mornings are going well, you could each rotate who brings cake each week and go one better with flavours and themes to make it fun!

A coffee morning is supposed to be a time for a mum to sit down and enjoy a drink with friends while the kids are at school. If you’ve got babies around, even better, as they can get socialised at the same time. Always thank your friends for attending with you – manners are essential and it’s so nice to get out and have a laugh! Mum’s don’t have to be stuck indoors, so don’t be!

*Post written in collaboration