I’m so thrilled to announce the arrival of the brand new #itsok Linky which I will be hosting along with Nicole from Tales from Mamaville, Aleena from Mummy Mama Mum, and Riz from Rizology! This is a linky with a difference: it’s a place where you can share your posts with the aim of helping, inspiring and reassuring parents out there that they are in fact doing just fine. Your posts can be heartfelt, funny, serious, whatever you like, we’d just love to read them!

So where does the idea come from?
Well, originally I created something called the #itsok challenge, which was a way of helping other parents to cut themselves some slack and this linky was born from that. When I first became a parent in 2013 I thought I was doing it all wrong. I just couldn’t understand why I was finding it so difficult when all around me, other parents seemed to be nailing it! What I didn’t realise was that everyone struggles with something at one time or another, from those with the babies that simply never sleep, to those struggling to have a single minute of ‘me-time’ in amongst the demands of family life. Parenting is wonderful but let’s face it, it’s not always easy. Sometimes all you need is someone to say ‘you know what? I’ve been there. I get it’. 

So what sort of posts should I add?
We’d love for you to join in with the #itsok linky and can’t wait to read your posts! Perhaps you have written a post on how to cope with sleepless nights, a guide on how to start weaning or a post championing mental wellness, for example. It could also be a post detailing a time where you too could have done with someone saying 'hey, it's ok'! If you created a post with the intention of reaching out to others, sharing your experience or by offering help and advice, then these would be perfect posts for the #itsok linky! If you have a story to share we would love to read it! 

What are the benefits of joining a linky?
Linkys can help you gain new readers and new followers! If you’re a blogger, you’ll understand just how difficult it can be to get your post seen but by joining in with a linky, it opens up your posts to a whole new audience. You’ll receive comments on your post as well as social shares! If your post is featured by one of the hosts, this will also ensure you receive precious back links to your site too! 

So how do I take part?
The linky will take place every Tuesday morning until Thursday evening. We will be taking it in turns to host but we'll make sure you are directed to the right place! Just follow the instructions below! We can't wait to read them :) 

Grab our lovely badge below...

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