How To Be A Bit More Toddler

When I was in my twenties I believed that by the time I got to thirty, the days of worrying about what others thought of me would be long gone. But then I hit thirty and well, it's safe to say that not much changed there. And three years later I still spend a significant proportion of my life caring about what others think of me: Did I say the wrong to that person today? Am I too quiet? Did I jabber on and on about rubbish? Am I too boring? Should I have said this? Should I have mentioned that? Should I wear something other than leggings again for the school run? MY GOD IT'S EXHAUSTING. 

But today my two year old taught me a little something and it's a pretty good lesson for life I reckon. He's a glorious bundle of unbridled energy and if there's one thing he knows, it's his own mind and today for him was a sunglasses day! For most of the morning he wore them upside down for no other reason than because he bloody well wanted to. After lunch we headed into town to pick up some bits and although he'd now turned them the right way round he was still rocking them, strutting about like he owned the place. Every shop we popped into he made sure the staff at the cash-point acknowledged them too. And if they didn't then he moved onto the next person he could see who would give his sunglasses the recognition they deserved. So you see, that's a bit like life, isn't it? Some people will see you for the cool dude that you are but others won't and you don't need to worry or give head space to the reasons why. Quite simply, you're not going to win 'em all. If a toddler wearing sunglasses laden with pictures of fish on the frames can't win over everybody then there's not much hope for us slightly more refined beings then is there? So I think I'm going to be a bit more toddler from now on. And yes, there's 99.9% chance I'll be rocking the old leggings again tomorrow on the school run.