Sunday, 3 February 2019

Creating An Outdoor Play Area

If you have an outdoor space or a garden, you'll know just how much your children love being outside. My boy's would literally spend all their waking hours outdoors, they just can't get enough of being in the garden. They are two little whirlwinds with a whole tonne of energy and so I am more than happy to allow them to play outdoors and we've spent a bit of time creating the ideal play area for them to enable this. There are many products on offer to encourage outdoor play, just take a look at Lionshome, for example, for a whole host of quality products. 

Here are a few ways we have created a fun outdoor play area for our little boys... 

A Playhouse 

We were extremely lucky to have recently been given a lovely little playhouse after its previous owners outgrew it. My boys have already spent many happy hours playing in it and they like to pretend it's their home which is great for imaginative play! It also means they can be in the garden when it starts to drizzle as they will stay nice and dry in their little house! 

Sand and Water Table

My little ones also love playing with the sand and water table. It provides so much entertainment and they like to pretend they are at the beach!

Art area

When there is dry weather I like to set up a little area with an easel and paints so they can get creative. It also means I don't need to worry about paint on the carpets and walls! I also like to put out some chalks so they can decorate the patio! 


We bought a trampoline for my eldest son's fourth birthday. Now his little brother is at an age to enjoy it too. If they've still got excess energy after all the outdoor play, they can bounce on it until they haven't! 

Play tent

Sometimes, the boys like to pretend they are camping. They put their pillows and favourite soft toys in the tent and pretend it's night time. The tent is also their secret den and I can often hear little giggles coming from it! So cute! 

Do your little ones love playing outdoors? Do you have any tips for creating a fun outdoor space? I'd love to hear them! 

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All opinions and words are my own  

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