Saturday, 30 June 2018

Infacare Night-Time Baby Bath Review

When it comes to bubble bath for my boys, I'm quite particular about the ones we use. I like them to be gentle on their skin, to have a lovely scent (anything that aids them drifting off to sleep after their bath times are perfect!) and just as importantly, I like them to create lots of bubbles to make bath time fun! I can honestly say that Infacare Night-Time Baby Bath ticks all the boxes. It helps to care for your little one's skin by gently cleansing it with its clinically tested, pH balanced formula and it's even suitable for babies and children that can be prone to sensitive skin. The lovely fragrance promotes relaxation and so it's perfect to use as part of your child's evening bath time. This bubble bath makes lots of rich bubbles and a little goes a long way too. The usual brand of bubble bath I buy for the boys was recently discontinued and so I've been on the search for another that matches up to this one but I actually think that this one exceeds it. I will definitely be buying this again. 
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Disclaimer: I was kindly sent a bottle of Infacare Night-time Baby Bath in exchange for an honest review

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