Creating Chocolate Pizzas with The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company!

This summer we were delighted to make our own chocolate pizzas courtesy of The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company. In fact, I'd go as far as to say this was one of the highlights of the boy's summer holiday! The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company specialises in providing chocolate pizzas made from high quality, smooth Belgian chocolate. There's a wide range of chocolate pizzas to choose from, featuring a variety of different toppings and flavours with a choice of milk, dark and white chocolate as the scrumptious base. What's more, there are pizzas to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and weddings and there's also the option to personalise your pizza with an edible message, making it a unique and thoughtful gift for someone. 

We were kindly sent a Mini Make Your Own Pizza Kit which was perfect for my two little boys, providing them not only with a fun activity to engage in but also the yummiest of treats to enjoy afterwards. The mini kit features two moulds to make two delicious pizzas. Along with the moulds, the pack contains delicious Belgian chocolate to melt for the base. white curls, chocolate rice balls and rainbow drops for decorating your pizza as well as instructions. The pack was beautifully presented. We couldn't wait to get started.

My boys loved melting the chocolate at the start, especially as they got to lick their spoons afterwards! Once the chocolate was melted and poured into the moulds, it was time to decorate the pizzas. Despite my best made plans, the boys had a hard time stopping themselves eating the decorations during the process, but luckily some remained and we were able to finish the pizzas. Next, we set the pizzas in the fridge for half an hour until the chocolate set. 

The pizza sets into mini segments meaning it doesn't need to be cut up or broken. We each then enjoyed a slice! The chocolate was smooth, creamy and delicious. I'm very fussy with chocolate but this was wonderful. You can tell that it's made with fine, high quality ingredients. 

The mini pizzas were a perfect size for my little ones. Though they didn't eat them all at once (and were forced to share with me, for research purposes obviously!!) I liked that the mini size and small segments meant it was easy to control the portion of chocolate they were having. What I loved about this kit was that it contained the ingredients and moulds for two pizzas so it would make a great gift for siblings or friends for example, as each can take ownership of their own. 

I can't wait to try another chocolate pizza and so will be hinting to my husband in time for my birthday.  I might keep this one quiet from the children! 

For your chance to win a Mini Make Your Own Pizza Kit just enter my competition this week over on Facebook! Good luck! 

*Disclaimer: We were kindly sent a Mini Make Your Own Pizza Kit to Review in exchange for an honest review. We loved them!