Best Locations For Off-Road Driving Experiences in the UK

There is no better feeling than going off road with your vehicle. Renting a quad bike and getting out there into the British countryside is something that should be experienced by everyone at least once in their lifetime. Quad bikes are quick, limber and can take you almost anywhere, especially off road. There are a number of places available to the quad biker enthusiast all over the UK where you get to navigate difficult terrain that takes concentration and skill to do. It is also massively fun to drive by yourself or as part of a group and we will look at just some of the many places you can go quad biking.

man and woman riding on ATV

* Quads in Kent - You can go on the Quad Safari or the Quad Obstacle course in Kent to get to experience the outdoor driving centre that they have designed and built with fun in mind. If you are new to this fantastic pastime, they will take you through a riding session that allows you to familiarise yourself with the course. An instructor will take you on the trails through the fields and some obstacles created by Mother Nature herself. For this, you need your own quad and thankfully, Quadbikes R Us has road legal quad bikes for UK hobbyists
* Quads in Nottinghamshire - When you think about Nottinghamshire, most think about Robin Hood and sure enough, there is a quad bike experience waiting for you in Sherwood forest. Overall, the whole thing lasts for about an hour. In the entire hour, you get to go around the forest and take in the fantastic scenery on your quad. It is very military-oriented, so you all meet up at base camp and then all the muddy fun will begin. Safety is the key here and you must be kitted out with all the necessary gear including helmets and other safety gear.
* Quads in Essex - This is a great experience at the Action Park in Essex where they have four different kinds of courses to test everyone’s skills and what’s more, they are open 7 days a week for your enjoyment. They have two all weather tracks and a further two tracks constructed from clay. These allow you to experience all that they have to offer. It’s all there for stag nights, business outings to impress prospective clients, or just a fun day out with your friends
* Quads in Harrogate - You get to quad on the Ripley Castle estate and get to look around the whole place while having fun on your quad. This area has many hills so there is lots of fun going up and down the Yorkshire Dales with friends and family. There is no track here, so you get to experience the real countryside and the obstacles it has to offer.
Now is the time to enjoy one of Britain’s fastest growing pastimes in the great British countryside.

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