The Weekly Round-up: Ikea, Bubbing and Mental Notes.

Sunday 9th September
Ahh Ikea on a Sunday! What a relaxing activity for a lazy Sunday. Seriously though, who thought a visit to Ikea at the weekend would be a good idea? Well, everyone apparently because everyone in the world was in Ikea. Even you. The thing about Ikea is that once you're in there, you're in there for the long haul. Perhaps there's a way out I've never found but all I know is that we had to traipse round and round, passing through every section with our over-excited children, until we finally reached the tills. I wanted to give up and turn around as soon as I got in but to have gone backwards would have been to have gone against the tide of people. And so alas, we found ourselves being swept along with the throng, whilst picking up artificial plants, chopping boards and sandwich bags that we didn't need. The kids thought it was the best day ever. Sort it out Ikea.

Monday 10th September
The toddler no longer needs his stroller- he can happily walk about without tiring on the whole. However, I need his stroller. If we walk into town, as we did today, he will launch himself onto every single ride-on machine he passes, will attempt to shoplift a fudge in any food shop we enter, will frequently lie on the floor and refuse to move and will approach strangers to tell them that his favourite colour is pink. Today I had to follow through with my threat to go back and get his pram if he didn't stop lying on the floor which didn't phase him in the slightest but was a bit of a ball-ache if I'm honest. I've made a mental note to never trust him when he says he can walk sensibly without any shenanigans.

Tuesday 11th September
A new word has been coined by our toddler; 'bubbing'. Bubbing to my best understanding, can be defined as being a shit. Whenever, he's told off for something, he will casually shrug before exclaiming 'I'm only bubbing'. Oh that's ok then. He will sometimes be overheard encouraging his brother 'to bub' with him.  

Wednesday 12th September
Why are they so hungry when they come out of school? It's very hard to have an actual conversation with my eldest until he's eaten the entire contents of the house. It's also hard to prise out any information about what happens at school too. Apparently he does nothing at school. That probably explains the hunger then. 

Friday 14th September
I gave in and let the little one walk around Sainsbury's because he was in a cute mood. He rewarded me by lying down in the toiletries aisle. When I picked him up he did that floppy thing they do when they become dead weights in your arms. I had to abandon the shopping with a shop assistant while I went back to the car for his pram. I made ANOTHER mental note to never trust him when he says he can walk sensibly without shenanigans. 

Saturday 15th September. 
We are off to London for our friend's wedding this afternoon! Child-free and overnight whilst Nanny babysits. It's pretty rare that we both get a night out at the same time. There won't be a 7am wake up on the Sunday and there will be a buffet breakfast. I love weekend mornings with the boys but I also really love unlimited hash browns.