A Very Special Evening at The Victoria Inn, Barnt Green

Last week I was invited to experience a meal at The Victoria Inn, Barnt Green, which has been newly refurbished. I invited my mum along and together we were able to sample their new Autumn/ Winter menu. As soon as we arrived it was clear that we were in for a real treat. You could almost taste the excitement in the air as we arrived. The staff were clearly thrilled with the new renovations and couldn't wait to show us. It was so wonderful to see how much pride the staff had in The Victoria Inn, you couldn't fail to be excited too!

When we first entered, my first (and lasting!) impressions were of a warm, sleek and beautifully designed pub. There had clearly been a lot of thought behind the refurbishment and the decor was exceptional. The colours, from the upholstery right down to the candle holders, complimented each other really well. There really was so much attention to detail throughout the pub.

Our first stop was to the bar where I opted for a Porn Star Martini, complete with a slice of passionfruit and a shot of prosecco, whereas my mum chose a refreshing lemon mocktail drink. We then settled in the bar area next to a fireplace. The room was basked in a warm glow, we felt relaxed at once!

We were then served with a sample plate of different starters and mains. It was absolutely beautifully presented. Being a vegetarian, I didn't try all of the options but it my mum was able to confirm they were delicious. I loved the brie bites!

Once we had finished here we were seated at our table. I loved the room we were sat in, it was down a few steps from the bar and so had a really intimate, cosy feel. We both felt it would be a wonderful room to dine in if attending as a party or with a larger group of friends/ family. 

It was time for our starters! I chose the Deep-fried Brie as I had enjoyed the earlier sample so much and Mum chose the Thyme-roasted Portobello mushrooms. When they arrived  they were absolutely beautifully presented and they both tasted great too. I really liked the sweet chutney mine was served with, it complimented the brie perfectly!

Our main courses also did not disappoint. I chose the Roasted Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Tart and Mum chose the Roasted Pork Belly. My tart was packed full of vegetables and they tasted so fresh. With each mouthful I seemed to discover a new taste or find a new vegetable. It was topped with a Cropwell Bishop Custard and a Stilton and walnut crumb which were both really tasty. I had initially wondered whether I should order a side to go along with it but I'm really glad I didn't as the tart had plenty of different aspects to it. Delicious! I must admit that many times when we go out to eat, I'm often a little bit disappointed with my choice because, being a vegetarian, the options can be a little limited or I feel like I could have cooked something similar at home, but I can honestly say, I was really pleased with my main. It was interesting and something a little different from the usual vegetarian options that are served in pubs. What's more, there was even a whole vegan menu! I was also really tempted by the Spiced Coconut Curry.

After this we even went for a pudding (I was still full the next day!) and I decided to try the Belgian Chocolate Brownie and Mum chose the Peanut Chocolate Bomb. I'm really fussy with brownies; if the texture is too much like cake or too dry I quickly lose interest but this one was as gooey as I'd hoped for! Mum's chocolate bomb looked amazing. It is served as a round chocolate shell and then hot, salted caramel sauce is poured on to it, melting it and revealing the sticky toffee pudding inside. What a treat!! I also had another Porn Star Martini seeing as mum was driving!!

Our evening was wonderful. The staff remained enthusiastic and attentive throughout and we felt really at home  The pub hadn't opened officially at this point so there were only a handful of others attending but yet it had a fantastic atmosphere! I'm confident it will have a real buzz now it has officially opened! 

One thing is for sure, both me and Mum will be back. We both have December birthdays coming up so it would be brilliant to celebrate them here. I imagine there is a really magical atmosphere during the festive period too. 

So, if you're looking for somewhere a little bit special, I wholeheartedly recommend The Victoria Inn. I'm sure they will have no end of success. What an exciting time for them! Thank you for having us! 

Disclaimer: We were invited along to The Victoria Inn to experience the new refurbishment and were kindly provided with our meals and drinks in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own (and Mum's!).


  1. It was SUCH a treat to see you there (and your Mum has excellent menu taste!). What a lovely evening at a gorgeous pub. We'll definitely be back!

    1. It was so wonderful to see you there! We will defintely be back too. I want to try the chocolate bomb!