The Best Jobs for Stay-at-Home Mums in 2019

No one should have to decide between their family and their career. But unfortunately, the companies that exist today put us in this predicament. And more than anyone, this affects mum who are trying to balance raising their kids and making a living.

For this reason it is not strange that there are more and more mums who decide to work from their homes to be able to be with their children and watch them grow up. Here are the 5 best jobs for work from home mums that you can start today, and that will allow you to spend the time you need with your little ones, while earning a salary to give them everything they deserve.

1. Write articles and translations
Writing texts and doing translations (especially if you know several languages) is one of the easiest ways to start earning money from home. More and more websites and blogs appear that need to fill their sites with interesting texts for their readers; and what they usually do is hire people like you who know to write their articles. If you like to write, on the online writing pages you will get employment and they will put you in contact with companies with which you can start working.

As for translations, there are many tasks you can do: from translating simple texts from a couple of pages, to official documents, complete web pages, or even books that need to be translated into other languages. This market is growing more and more, and it is a great opportunity to create your own business from home, since it will allow you to work the hours you want from your computer.

2. Manage Facebook and Instagram accounts
Are you an expert in managing Facebook? Do you love spending time looking at photos on Instagram and leaving comments on posts? So this business is perfect for you if what you want is to generate income and at the same time be able to spend time with your children. Businesses know how important presence on social networks is, because they are platforms through which they can promote, attract customers, and be in contact with their buyers.

That's why they need people who dedicate themselves exclusively to these profiles to update them, upload photos of their products, and answer the questions that their followers have. And this is where you will have to take care of those tasks. It is a simple business, but one that will give you good income every month, and the best thing is that you will not need to work on it many hours a day, since there are contents that you can schedule to be published on their own.

3. English Voice Over Artist
If your native language is English and you have a bit of artistic, acting flare inside you, then working as voice over artist will be perfect for you. With a good microphone you can do it from home and make money voicing popular movie and cartoon characters. Voquent's English speaking voice actors have been in demand lately.

4. Become a chef 
If you have a special gift for cooking, and your family is always thrilled with the dishes you prepare, take advantage of it and use that skill to become a chef on the Internet. The idea is simple: create a blog or open a Facebook page, upload a menu of foods that you know how to prepare, receive orders, and when you have cooked them, send them. Many people do not have time to cook because of their jobs, but they want to eat healthy and enjoy the traditional homemade meals of a lifetime. And that's why this type of personal kitchen services is increasing in popularity. So it's a great opportunity to make money with this while you stay at home taking care of your children.

5. Send invitations for events
This is an expanding business that also adapts perfectly to mums who want to work from home. It is about helping couples who are going to get married, companies that celebrate conventions, or anyone who has a celebration to send invitations to their events, and then follow up on the guests who accept them. If you have ever had to organize a party with a large number of guests, you will already have experience in this sector. But if you've never done something like that, it's simple: your clients will give you a list of guests, and you should send them the invitations and make a list of those who are going to attend the event. It will be easy because apart from leaving the envelopes in your post office, and to write down the names of the attendees, you will not have to do much more.

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