Getting a Jump on Spring Cleaning - Top Items You May Need to Replace in 2019

The start of a brand-new year brings about a sense of freshness; it’s a new beginning and often people want to have that clean slate to go along with it. While spring cleaning may seem like something you do in March, it can be a great activity to tackle at the start of the year. It gives you a chance to organise, go through what you’ve got, get rid of what you don’t want or need, and figure out what needs replacing in the home. Cleaning and organising will allow for that true clean slate beginning to 2019. So, as you tackle the job of spring cleaning, here are a few items you may want to inspect and decide if they need replacing in 2019. 


Your Mattress 
Your mattress is one of those things that you often take for granted, but in reality, it plays a huge part in your physical and mental well-being. If it’s not supportive and comfortable, then it’s highly likely you aren’t getting enough good quality sleep. A lack of sleep then affects you both physically and mentally at home and at work. 

Some of the common signs to watch for that will help you determine if you need a new mattress are not being able to sleep well, spending the night tossing and turning because you can't find that ‘comfortable position’, waking up with aches and pains, the mattress feels lumpy or has dips in it, it is extremely squeaky, there is a lot more give in it than when you bought it, and if it's more than eight years old. 

As for finding that best mattress, be sure to check out the Best Mattress Buying Guide on The Mattress Nerd, which discusses what to look for in a mattress. 

Major Appliances in the Home 

This is also a great opportunity to take a closer look at all your major appliances in your home. This includes such items as your washing machine and dryer, refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher. Give each one a good cleaning, and then start paying attention to any noises it may be making, if it doesn’t seem to be operating properly, or if anything looks damaged or broken. It could be that a simple fix is all it needs rather than replacing. 

Windows and Doors 

While this one is a big ticket item, once your windows and doors become a certain age, they will no longer be energy efficient which means you’ll be spending a whole lot more to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This could also be a great time to inspect all the windows and doors in your home checking for damage, wear and tear, and cracks in both the glass and the frames themselves. 

Get Off to a Fresh New Start in 2019 

Each of these tips will help you with your cleaning and organization projects so that you can tackle 2019 with ease and ensure it gets off to a great start!

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