Exploring My First Calendar From Danilo

My little boy has always had a bit of a fascination with our family calendar. He loves asking me to point out today's date and also loves to read out what events I've written down for the week. Quite often I find he's added his own entries in just in case I forget the movie night and popcorn he was promised, for example! I've been looking for a suitable child-friendly calendar that I could buy for him (as well as his little brother) for some time but until now I've not found anything suitable and so I was thrilled when we were invited to review My First Calendar By Danilo!

My First Calendar is an interactive, reusable calendar that helps your child to learn all about the days of the week, times of the day, months of the year, weather, seasons and the temperature too. The calendar is aimed at pre-schoolers and key stage one children and comes in one of three designs; Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and PJ Masks. The colours are bright and appealing for young children and feature many of their favourite characters.

The calendar enables you and your child to select the day and month by rotating the two card discs. The date can be recorded using the provided pen. The time of the day as well as the current weather can be selected by turning the arrows and the temperature can be selected by moving a magnet. The season can be selected by displaying one of the 4 cards, each with a themed picture. Finally, each day of the week is displayed with space to record you appointments and plans. 

There are so many interactive features to this calendar that both my little boys have been transfixed with it. It's the first thing they do when they come down for breakfast in the morning! I've been so pleased with My First Calendar; it's fun and educational and what's more, it can be used year after year! We loved it! 

*Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted a My First Calendar, in exchange for an honest review.