EasiYo Fresh Yogurt Maker: A Review

The boys and I love yogurt and so we were all excited to try the EasiYo Yogurt Maker! 

It couldn't have been simpler to use. Firstly you mix one of the yogurt packets with room temperature water in the EasiYo Jar, give it a really good shake and then add a little more water until the jar is filled to 5mm from the top. 

Next you ensure the red spacer is pushed into the yogurt maker and then you pour boiling water over it until the spacer is covered. Then you pop your EasiYo jar inside and twist on the lid. 

8 to 12 hours later your yogurt will be set and the jar can be moved to the fridge! 

We were able to try the Greek Style Strawberry and Rasberry yogurts which turned out thick, creamy and delicious. The boys loved it and they can be quite fussy so it was an all round success in my eyes; easy and fun to make and tasty too! The yogurts contain live cultures, no artificial ingredients or stabilisers and they are suitable for vegetarians and are Gluten Free! They are also a great source of calcium. 

EasiYo is stocked at Morrisons, Lakeland, The Range and a large number of independent stores as well as online at EasiYo.com.

We loved testing the EasiYo Yogurt Maker and will definitely now be making yogurt regularly, who knew it could be so simple?

*We were kindly sent an EasiYo Yogurt Maker Starter kit in exchange for an honest review.