Tips For When You Need Money Fast

Sometimes, despite your best made plans, there may be times when you need money quickly. Perhaps your boiler breaks, you have a burst pipe or you suddenly need some car maintenance. It's not always easy to find the money if you don't have savings and it's certainly not always easy to save up funds in anticipation of this. In recent weeks, our oven stopped working, the clutch on the car needed replacing and the washing machine broke! This resulted in us having to pay out a lot of money and in a short space of time. There are however, a few tips that can help you during a financial emergency.

Overtime It's certainly worth asking your employer if overtime is an option as it can really reduce the stress that comes with being in a bad financial situation.

Consider a loan If you need money quickly one option is to consider a short-term finance solution. Cash Lady work with trusted UK short-term loan providers to help you find the right loan for you. You simply apply with the quick online application form and they will aim to find you a loan with the best APR possible. You'll be considered by multiple lenders in just a few minutes. Remember, this is a short term solution and it is important to be responsible with the repayments in order to prevent long term debt.

Avoid Spending Are there ways you can cut out spending for a short period of time? This could include making packed lunches throughout the week. Buying a shop bought sandwich or meal-deal or regularly buying coffees for example, can really add up. Have a look in your cupboards, fridge and freezer and see what meals you can make out of the contents. Chances are you wont need to spend money on food for a few days. There is lots of help and advice on budgeting and making savings at The Money Advice Service.

Selling items Do you have unwanted items lying around? Perhaps your little ones have outgrown some toys and clothes? Selling your unwanted items can give you a little more spending money. There are multiple ways to advertise your unwanted items including Facebook Marketplace and apps such as Shpock for example.

Visit online deal sites These are sites which share with you the best deals, freebies and vouchers that are out there. This can save you a fortune. It's certainly worth checking here before you make a purchase as there might be a freebie, deal or voucher that you can use to save you a considerable amount on the original price.

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