Finding the Right Childcare With

If you're a parent or guardian, there will likely be a time when you need to find childcare for your children. Of course, we want the absolute best for them and so we want to ensure that the childcare that they receive is reliable, trustworthy and of the highest quality. It can be a little overwhelming knowing where to start in finding the right childcare. With a range of different options available including nurseries, childminders or babysitters to name just a few, there can be many to choose from but at the same time, it can be hard to know just who or what is available in your area. That's where comes in! is an award winning social networking platform for parents, childcare providers and private tutors. You can also find work in childcare too. I've had a look at the website to determine just how useful this is for parents and here are my findings. 


You can do a quick search for childcare in your area, without signing up. I decided to search for childminders in my area within a five mile radius and was surprised to discover that there were 173 registered childminders listed. I simply had no idea that so many were located in this area. Not knowing of the website when my boys were young, I relied on the recommendations of a friends for who to contact. We had an amazing childminder but she no longer works as a childminder and so for any future children needing childcare, we would be looking for someone new. It really is reassuring to know that this information will be available to us so easily. 


I then decided click on the profile of one of the childminders and was able to access firstly a summary of the service offered by the childminder. I could see for example, that she had newborn experience, had first aid training and childcare qualifications. I could also see that she had a DBS check but had not yet uploaded it to and so if she was selected as one of our potential childminders, we could ask to see this at the interview. The profile also had a written personal statement from the childminder, with further information about herself, her experience, qualifications, availability, fees, relevant documents and reviews. This information is invaluable in helping you to select some potential carers for your children. 

If you wish to contact one of the childcare providers, you will need to sign up. This is quick and easy to do, taking less than one minute. You can then create your own profile advertising your requirements to childcare providers. 

I have been really impressed by the service offered by Not only does it assist in finding the childcare options available to you but it also offers thorough advice and information to assist you in this process. I am confident that I will use this website to find future childcare providers and I am more than happy to recommend it! 

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All opinions are entirely my own.