What Vinyl Flooring Can Do For Your Kitchen

Not every renovation decision you make should be difficult. There is a lot to consider and a lot of space to fill. Therefore, using your time efficiently is vital. This is why many believe that vinyl flooring is the optimal choice for large, busy households. Consider areas such as the kitchen, that are prone to receiving the effects of accidents that cannot be removed. Let’s explore the great benefits of vinyl flooring in your kitchen.


Carefree cleaning

A kitchen is a place that gets messy quickly, from dealing with raw food to washing dirty laundry. Ensuring it is clean after an activity is vital to your health, as well as ensuring it continues to look great. But who can honestly say they love cleaning? That’s where vinyl flooring comes in. Soapy water will give this flooring its factory-sheen back in no time. No hours and hours scrubbing off stains and dirt. No water or product damage either.

A lifetime of quality
Welcome to the era of patented Scratch Guard technology! Vinyl flooring is unsusceptible to the effects of breakages and spills that occur in the kitchen. This is due to the defence technology that is built-in. This makes vinyl an ideal choice for families and homeowners with pets.

The additional magic of Scratch Guard technology is that it creates an invisible barrier between the moisture that lands on the vinyl flooring and the materials below. Therefore, vinyl flooring will never absorb the moisture or allow the stain to sink below the surface. Do you dread the cleanup from dinner preparations or your children’s bath time? All these stains need to be gone forever is a simple wipe with a damp cloth or mop.

The optimal tool for renovations

During the renovation process, the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen take priority. Therefore, starting with the foundations' of these rooms first can give your renovation a big jump start. Many are choosing vinyl flooring for these rooms, as it is simple to install (even without a handyman) and it won’t be time-consuming. You’ll be cooking in your new kitchen in no time!

Captivating patterns and textures

Don’t let all this practical talk lead you to believe vinyl flooring isn’t stylish, because it is! In fact, you not only get great functional benefits but also style inspiration while browsing. There are patterns and textures from all corners of the earth for you to choose from.

Treat your kitchen to something special

Amongst all the decisions you have to make during a renovation, finding a brand you can trust, and which is reliable can be the hardest of them all – even if you’ve found your dream flooring. Amtico is a renowned UK vinyl flooring retailer. The collections include something for everyone, from Signature Woods, Spacia Stone and even Abstract! Luvanto follows the same lead but is more specifically suited to those looking for patterns and textures which represent an era or give atmosphere. The best ranges for these products are Endure Pro, Parquet and Click and Herringbone.

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