The benefits of solid wood flooring in your home

There are many benefits to having solid wood flooring in your family home. Not only is solid wood flooring a stylish and fashionable option but it is also a practical and long lasting. 

solid wood flooring

When it comes to choosing the right kind of flooring for your home, a solid wood floor can be an ideal option. Solid wood floors are easier to clean then carpets and require just a simple brush and wipe to remove dirt with ease. Wooden flooring is also by far a more hygienic option than carpet which can be host to a whole range of parasites. Dirt and grime can build up in carpets which also results in them becoming discoloured. For families with young children or pets, an easy to clean floor is ideal. There are a great variety of spares for Vax steam cleaners and Dyson vacuums at Spares2You, vital for keeping those floors clean and hygienic! 

Long-lasting and cost effective
A good quality wooden flooring can last for decades and will need only minimal maintenance whereas you may have to replace your carpet every five to ten years. This means that solid wood flooring can be a cost effective solution for your home. Wooden flooring is also easy to treat if you get any scratches or wear and tear to it. It can be re-sanded with ease. It is generally thicker than engineered wood flooring so feels very sturdy underfoot.

A natural and stylish option
Solid wood flooring is cut from one piece of solid wood which is cut down to the required size. It offers a beautiful and natural flooring option for your home. It comes in a wide range of styles and finishes so you can choose one in keeping with the decor of your home. Solid wood flooring will maintain it's value and provide a real feature to your home. 

wooden flooring

Solid wood flooring can create a beautiful and timeless look in your home so whether you prefer a rustic and homely feel or a contemporary and modern look, a solid wood flooring will perfectly compliment your preferred style. 

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