The Benefits of Solid Wood Flooring

Not only is solid wood flooring a practical and long lasting option for your home, it is also bang on trend. It can create a stunning and timeless look in your home whilst also being both durable and affordable. There are many benefits to having solid wood flooring in your home as will be explored in this article.

solid wood flooring

Easy to clean
Solid wood flooring is a more hygienic option than carpet which can be host to a whole range of parasites. For families with children or pets, an easy to clean floor is the ideal option. If you have a carpet in your dining room, you’ll know only too well just how hard it can be to keep your carpet clean and stain-free from all those messy meal times. Solid wood flooring is much easier to clean than carpets, requiring just a simple brush and wipe to remove dirt and grime with ease.

Easy to maintain
You may have to replace your carpet every five to ten years as it get older whereas a good quality solid wood flooring can last for decades, only needing minimal maintenance. Wooden flooring is also easy to treat if you get any scratches or wear and tear to it.

Practical and long lasting
Solid wood flooring is cut from one piece of solid wood which is cut down to the required size. It has a long lifespan and is incredibly durable. As a result you can expect it to maintain its value.

Stylish and timeless
Solid wood flooring is a beautiful option for your home. It can add real character to your home creating a real warmth and rustic quality throughout. It is available in a wide variety of species of wood, offering different grains, patterns and colours. You can also opt for planks in different lengths and widths to suit your home.

wooden flooring

Do you have wood flooring in your home? I'd love to hear more in the comments below about your experiences with it.