Sicily: Land of Wonders

Telling the story of Sicily in a few lines is difficult, if not impossible. However, we can give you all the reasons to book a trip to Sicily and enjoy the wonders of a millenary land, rich in history, culture and places to visit.

If you're wondering where to stay in Sicily, there are so many options for you and so many things to enjoy and experience. It will certainly be a trip you will remember forever. 

Sicily also offers the possibility to make luxury vacations and to do them in all tranquillity: in fact today holidays in a villa in Sicily with private pool can be reality let's see together two incredible location in Sicily.


Caltanissetta: The Heart of Sicily
It is located in the geographical heart of the island, rich and pretty, is the most populous city in the hinterland. Surrounded by nature reserves, throughout its province there are seven, Caltanissetta is a journey of discovery of art and nature. Situated above the hilly reliefs, its territory of calcareous-clayey composition is very harsh. In the historical centre there are the major historical religious buildings and aristocratic palaces, while in the surroundings of the city there are many archaeological sites rich in important and fascinating remains.

The Cathedral is located in the central Piazza Garibaldi, embellished with recently restored stuccoes and valuable wooden and marble statues. Just in front of the Cathedral, there is the elegant Church of San Sebastiano: a tour inside and you will be immediately attracted by the numerous wooden statues.

Stop also at Moncada Palace, the building in classic baroque style with Renaissance cues. Then admire its palaces and the Baroque Church of Sant'Agata. Take a tour of the beautiful castles of Falconara, Mussomeli and Pietra Rossa and a visit to the sulphur mines of which the city was the largest producer until the mid '900.

Enna: Separated in Two Parts but United by the Wonder
Enna is divided into two macro-areas: Enna Alta, home to the historic centre and the best attractions. Enna Bassa, which is famous to the university. In addition, there is the hamlet of Pergusa, where the homonymous lake resides. It is a small town perched on a terraced mountain, a panoramic place that, given its good location, has been defined since ancient times as the navel of Sicily.


You can visit the Duomo, rebuilt in the Baroque period, the Aragonese Castle, which stands on a rock, and the Clock Tower. The Castle of Lombardy, located in the highest part of the town, an imposing building that extends for 27 kilometers. In the most modern part are the Villa and the Tower of Frederick II of Swabia, Piazza Europa, home of the weekly market, and the Church of Montesalvo.

In the province of Enna there are many small villages and towns that have remained unharmed over time and jealously guard the history and traditions of the area. Suitable for a sensory and exploratory journey, to admire a part of Sicily through monuments, ballads and delicious tasty food.

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