Why Kids Should Cycle

For most children, riding a bike is a rite of passage. From the moment they start with training wheels until they are comfortable enough to ride solo, cycling for kids offers a broad range of benefits. So, if your kids still need to learn how to ride, what are you waiting for!

While you review kids bikes online, here are some of the top reasons why cycling is an excellent activity for children.

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Easy to Learn
Unlike many other activities, learning how to ride a bike is comparatively easy. Sports require an understanding of the rules and coordination between teammates, while other hobbies like gymnastics or martial arts require more technical skill. 

Bikes offer ways to make mastering riding easier. Training wheels have been a staple of helping kids learn to ride for decades. And if your kid is a little too young to ride a traditional bike with pedals, balance bikes are the perfect substitute to help get them ready for when they are little older.

Low Impact 
A growing child has growing bones, meaning that they can be prone to injury and strains. Cycling is a great low impact exercise that is easy on joints. Unlike other outdoor activities such as running or basketball where kids are exposed to hard surfaces, riding removes the chance of damaging knees and ankles.

Excellent Cardiovascular Exercise 
When it comes to raising your heart rate, cycling is an excellent exercise to improve overall health. General bike riding forces the lungs and heart to work together to get oxygen through the body. The harder they work, the stronger these organs become.

This means cycling is useful in cutting down forms of heart disease and cancer. Multiple studies have correlated improved physical and mental health for those who cycle regularly.

Helps the Environment 
Cycling is a fantastic way to cut down on emissions and help our environment. Riding a bike at an early age and teaching your child about saving our planet helps sets good environmental habits for later in life. 

A study has also shown that kids breathe less dangerous fumes when riding a bike than sitting in a car, as there they are directly exposed to car exhaust from passing vehicles. 

Provides a Sense of Freedom
Bikes provide children with a sense of freedom, allowing them to discover local areas with friends and have fun while doing so. It helps boost their confidence as they can cycle to their favourite spots, such as the skate bike or a dirt track.

This also assists in developing spatial awareness in children, while also improving their navigational skills. As your child explores on their bike, their sense of direction is likely to improve, meaning they can rely less the GPS or Google Maps.

Saves You Time
As parents, teaching your kids how to ride a bike can actually save time in the future. As cycling is an excellent form of transportation, children can ride their way to school and back, or get to a friend’s house who lives close by.

This means fewer car trips of you being a taxi service, where you have to navigate traffic and find a park.

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