5 Outdoor Learning Activities to Explore with Your Child

Now that the days are getting longer, and the sun is getting brighter, it’s never been a better opportunity to get outside with your child and help them learn more about the world around them. That is why we’ve teamed with a school that offers the International Baccalaureate in England to give you five suggestions on just what to do outside, be it in the garden at home or beyond!

Planting and Growing
Get those fingers green and go out and plant some stuff in the garden. It can either be that rose bush you’ve always wanted in the front garden, or you can even put together your own vegetable patch for you and your child to build and grow together. Planting and growing a variety of different things is a great way for a child to see science and nature in action.

child gardening

Treasure Hunt
Make your garden into an adventure by creating a treasure hunt! The questions asked in the clues will help your child with their reading and problem-solving skills, as they deduce where the clue is trying to take them in the garden.

Bug Hunt
Challenge your child, either out in the garden or when you’re on hikes, to try find five different bugs and animals that are around in their environment (and don’t squish any!). The act of them identifying different creatures in their environment will help deepen their understanding of the different kinds of ecosystems that surround them.

Shadow Art
On a lovely sunny day, your child can go outside and do a little art project by putting down a piece of paper and casting a shadow on it with an object that they can then draw around. They can bring their favourite toys to life on the page, or create weird and wonderful shapes to then fill in with colour, sparking their creative energies!

Paint Leaves
Collect whatever leaves may be on the ground in your garden, and have your child build a painted collection. Not only does it engage their creativity, but you can make it a nature identification exercise by having your child categorise the leaves by what they are.