Femme Luxe- day to night fashion!

If there's one thing I've been doing a lot more over the last 15 months, it's been relaxing in comfortable clothes! After having recently had a baby, my tolerance for tight, uncomfortable clothes has been at an all time low so I've loved chilling out in super comfortable outfits. I've recently been introduced to the world of loungewear. Who knew that an outfit so luxuriously comfortable could be stylish too?! This month I have been trying out some more fabulous picks from Femme Luxe. I couldn't wait to explore some more lounge suits. 

Now that restrictions in the UK have been eased somewhat, it's time to start socialising again. And so I was excited to explore some items perfect for a night out too. Here are my top picks this month! 

The first item I picked was this super comfortable grey loungewear set. This is really soft to wear. I loved that the fabric wasn't too thick so it can be worn in the house without overheating yet it is also perfect for wearing when chilling outdoors. The fabric is ribbed which adds a unique texture. The top has a rounded neck and is in an oversized style. The bottoms are a skinny fit. I love that they have pockets! 


The next outfit I picked was this grey ribbed, belted loungewear set. This comes as a v-necked top with a belt and matching trousers. The trousers are in a super skinny fit. I was pleased that the top was long to cover my bottom a due to the skinny fit design of the trousers. After recently having a baby, I'm a little self conscious at the moment! I liked this item, it's a little different to usual loungewear sets and think it would look great with heels for a night out.


Now that things have started to open up, it's time to start thinking about outfits to wear for nights out. I picked these grey trousers which would be perfect teamed with high heels, a black vest top and red lippy. They are high-waisted and have pockets too. They are in a slim-leg fit and have a subtle grey tartan design. I usually wear jeans when out but I think these would look great for an evening out with the girls. 


This year I have a wedding to attend and so I've started to think about outfits to wear. This one-shoulder midi dress, might just make the cut. It is not something I'd usually pick but it's good to try new things from time to time. I picked the dress in beige but it is also available in different colours. The fabric is slinky and soft.  As it fits snuggly around your calves and comes with a belt to tie above your waist, it gives a lovely hourglass effect. It's super comfortable to wear. I really like the dress but the beige colour left little to hide behind; I'd feel a little more comfortable with some shapewear underneath if I can't tone up in time for the wedding. You need a strapless bra too due to the one shoulder design. It would look great when out for cocktails with friends or for more formal events like weddings!


To explore the range, head over to Femme Luxe today! 

*Collaborative Post