What is Luvanto Doing For Us?

When we buy something and invest money into the product, we want to know it does a good job. There are many rewards to choosing Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring for your home, where you get a longer lifespan and ease in a majority of areas.

With so many benefits over the real thing, be it wood, stone or slate; it is only natural to look at the main focus of why people prefer to utilise this product throughout their home.

You Can Install and Save Money
Luxury vinyl, such as Luvanto Click and Parquet Click ranges, is a simple installation product that is perfect for those not experts in how to layout their flooring.

With two main options in either gluing down or clicking together, the ease of clicking together planks is a large factor for its popularity. The glue-down option may require a professional as well as the use of adhesives, however, any damaged areas can just as easily be uninstalled and changed without disrupting a large portion of the floor.

The ease in this product’s installation is a major plus over real hardwood implementation.

Fewer Stains and Scratches
If your house is constantly at the mercy of children and pets running across your floor, then vinyl flooring becomes a necessity due to its vast protective designs.

Luxury vinyl flooring comes manufactured with protective measures that prevent scratches to a higher degree than regular flooring does. Also, for those that see regular food and drink spills, vinyl has an active guard against stains so that after a quick and painless clean it retains the usual out of the box look.


Less Fuss to Clean
Whilst other floorings like carpets require multiple expensive specialist cleaning products, vinyl can be cleaned with simple warm soapy water applied to a sponge. After a well-wrung mop of the floor, you will discover that water will not seep through the flooring due to moisture resistance that vinyl is equipped with, meaning no subfloor is affected and tiles or planks will not rot or come unstuck.

It's the perfect product for your kitchen floor where cleaning can be done quickly and effortlessly.

Get Creative

For those who like to get their hands to work, vinyl flooring provides a great project that can bring out your creative flair.

Whether you decide to mix up the flooring to give a different vibe from the living room to the dining room to the kitchen, Luvanto offers you the chance to make your dream home unlimited in selection. 
Many people have been fond of matching their flooring to furniture tones and fixtures for a connection sense.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring provides you with a lot of choices as well as simplicity, without compromising on quality.

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