Gamma Jacket: The Jacket For Any Season!

I forever seem to be buying jackets and coats for myself; a thick and warm one for the winter and a light, thin one for the summer. By the end of each season, they sometimes look a bit worse for wear or I have started to go off them a little and so when the same season rolls around again I'm always tempted to buy a new one. Due to the unreliability of the British weather, one thing that is so frustrating is never seeming to pick the right jacket for the day ahead; so many times I have been sweating and overheating in my thick winter coat whereas on other occasions I've been shivering in my summer jacket! And so when I found out about GAMMA, an all-year round jacket, I was certainly very intrigued and couldn't wait to find out more. 

GAMMA Graphene Jacket

GAMMA is a graphene jacket which is lightweight, extremely durable, waterproof, windproof and insulating too. By infusing a layer of graphene into the jacket, a new type of outerwear has been created. The GAMMA Jacket can serve as a winter jacket, a cooler weather jacket, an activewear jacket and a travelling jacket! You can see it in action at So just how does does it work? Firstly, let's look at graphene and just what makes it such and effective material?

GAMMA Graphene jacket

What is graphene?
Graphene was first discovered in 2004. It is known to be the thinnest, strongest and most flexible material on the planet. It is one atom thick and known to be stronger than diamond.

What makes the GAMMA jacket so effective?
Graphene's thermal properties have been called revolutionary. In cool weather, graphene is able to redistribute heat around your body and in warm weather is deflects heat and wicks moisture to keep you cool! What this means is on cold days the jacket ensures you are kept warm and on hot days you will be kept cool and comfortable. 

So just what features does the GAMMA jacket have?
The jacket has many amazing features including-
  • 100% waterproof
  • Temperature control
  • Lightweight
  • Impermeable 
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof 
  • UV-proof
  • Hypoallergenic and microbial
  • Heated jacket
  • All season comfort
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Insect-repelling
  • Damage-proof
  • 100% washable
  • Storage Pockets 
  • Built in fingerless gloves
  • Adjustable drawstrings
GAMMA graphene jacket

Built-in Heaters
If that all wasn't enough, the jacket also has built in heaters. The three carbon filter heating elements which are built into the coat will help provide the additional warmth you will need on cold days. The warmth is distributed equally around the jacket so you can be kept at a warm and toasty temperature whatever the weather. In fact, it can warm up to 50˚C in less than thirty seconds and there are three heat levels to choose from.

GAMMA graphene jacket

The GAMMA jacket will last you a lifetime. It is durable, effective and long-lasting. A coat that will certainly last the test of time and not only that, it looks stylish too!

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*This is a collaborative post.