How to Celebrate Your Bridal Shower at Sea

Every love story is unique. Celebrate yours with a bridal shower at sea. San Diego private boat tours are a perfect way to share this special occasion with friends and family. Learn more about how to plan a bridal shower cruise and what you can expect the event to be like.

bridal shower at sea

Why Celebrate Your Bridal Shower on a Boat
With so many possible locations for a bridal shower, why have one on a boat? There are many good reasons to choose a boat tour for your event, such as: 

1. You can't beat the scenery. A dinner cruise San Diego gives your party unparalleled views of the sunset over the Pacific. You might even see whales or other marine life. What's not to love?

2. You'll have top-notch food, drinks, and service. Ocean cruises offer a variety of menus, everything from brunches to cocktail cruises. In addition, the crew and staff are experts at catering to your needs.

3. The photo ops are endless. Everything about a yacht is classy and photogenic. If you want beautiful photos of your bridal shower to remember friends and family with, you'll love the options you get on a boat.

How To Make Memories at Sea With Your Bridal Party
It's attention to the details that make memories special. Begin planning the bridal shower with significant input from the bride, if you're throwing it for a friend or family member. Don't surprise her with anything unless she specifically wants you to. Ask her about the guest list, the theme, the food, the playlist, and so on.

If you're planning the shower for yourself, the same applies. Be choosy and select the details that represent you and make you happy. There's no need to please anyone else. Consult with Next Level Sailing San Diego for advice and suggestions. They are a goldmine of information about what works well on a party cruise.

For great memories, pay attention to the following:

• Invitations - They should reflect the ocean cruise theme. Get the right vibe from the start and the guests will be excited.

• Dress code - Don't go overboard. Even for an evening cocktail cruise formal wear isn't necessary, but dressing up in nautical attire is a fun touch.

• Music - Would you like your guests to dance? Choose the right playlist and the right person to supervise it. Nothing dampens a party faster than music no one can dance to.

• Drinks - Have a skilled mixologist on board and plenty of interesting drink options. Make sure there are quality non-alcoholic choices, too.

• Photos - Hire a professional to get nice candids, but encourage friends to photograph freely and use a hashtag for social media postings. Often the snaps your friends take end up being your favourites.

Bridal shower at sea

Come Sail Away
Leave all your cares behind and come on board. Once the party starts, your job is done. Let the professional staff and crew serve you and your friends. For an unforgettable bridal shower, start planning your private party cruise today.

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