9 Useful and Aesthetic Christmas Gifts for The Chocolatier in Your Group

If you have a chocolatier in your group, we’re sure that they’ll be responsible for making delicious chocolates all year round; more so during the Christmas season!

This means, with the festive season upon us, it’s the best time to give them an equally sweet gift in return. And what better gift than giving them pastry/baking products they can use both inside and outside the kitchen? These are sure to make their Christmas all the more special. Since every chocolatier requires reliable utensils to create decadent sweet treats, a gift like dual-action spatula or wing it whisk can be the best option. However, these don’t always have to be kitchen-related accouterments.

Your culinary friend is sure to benefit from a cake stand and a cookie carrier too. Keeping that in mind, we’ve created this list of useful Christmas gifts for them.

Let’s take a look!


1. A Silicone Spatula
When it comes to baking, high quality and flexible “spats” have become the new wooden spoons. These can be used for everything from stirring the butter to scraping the cake batter from the bowl and spreading the frosting on it.

This Christmas, if you’re on the mission to impress your culinary friend, then this works as the perfect gift. You could purchase two silicone spatulas so that one can be used for their desserts and the other for savoury items. Doing so will help them get rid of mixing two dishes and the problem of lingering odour!

2. A Pair of Measuring Spoons
No matter how many years your friend has been baking treats, there are chances that they might not be confident enough with their calculations or estimation skills. It’s possible for them to get the measurements wrong and screw up the entire recipe.

To help them avoid this from happening, you can gift them two sets of measuring spoons (biodegradable ones). Giving two sets will ensure they don’t have to wash the spoons every time they use vinaigrette.

3. A Separate Thermometer for the Oven
If you create a list of things that lie, then an oven’s in-built thermometer is likely to top it. Put simply, if all this time you’ve thought that setting the thermometer to 350 means the temperature is at 350, then you’ve been living a lie!

This is why it’s essential to have a separate thermometer. If you have one, then good for you but this festive season, make sure you get one for your chocolatier friend too (especially the one who has been serving burned cakes or flat cookies!)... perhaps, they’ll get the much-needed hint?

4. A Kitchen Scale
We’ve been living in a world where we use our smartphones to count the number of steps we’ve taken in a day. When that’s the case, why be okay with the measurement of 1 cup flour to be between 115 to 140 grams?

If you really consider yourself a chocolatier, then that’s not precision; that’s not even 2021 technology!

That said, if you’ve seen your culinary friend be okay with vague measurements, it’s time that you gift them a kitchen scale. Whilst they may already have measuring cups for nuts, grated cheese and chocolate chips, this scale will help them get the amount of powdered sugar and flour right.

What’s more, they’ll have fewer dishes to clean and the treats will also come out the way they intended it to.

5. A Set of Pastry Levellers
Do you have an OCD for attention to detail… welcome to the club!

As a precision enthusiast, you may already know that using dough rulers is perhaps the best to ensure every section of the dough is cut exactly at ¼” thickness.

If your friend has been relying on their instincts, however, why not give them a set of pastry levellers this Christmas season? We’re sure it’s going to help them!

6. A Silicone Baking Mat
A reusable, silicone baking mat is not only non-stick but also gives a good run for the money when compared to parchment papers.

Not only does it expedite the clean-up process (you no longer have to scrub the gunk off!) but also offers amazing heat distribution that helps bake cookies and cake perfectly while creating a smooth surface to prepare the dough.

7. A Springform Pan

All of us love cheesecake, don’t we?

Well, we’re sure that your chocolatier friend would be making them once in a while. But for them to ensure that the cake comes out smoothly (it cannot be flipped, you see!), they need a springform pan.

This Christmas, why not give them a beautiful springform pan along with a glass bottom that not just serves as a plate but also helps avoid the scary task of dropping the cake off and ruining it.

8. A Cake Stand
Your culinary friend might have baked an amazing layered cake, but to present it in an equally beautiful fashion you need an incredible looking cake stand. So why not gift one to your friend this festive season and help them add to their existing table decor?

You can go for a stand with a transparent cloche, that way it’ll protect your friend’s masterpiece while also enabling you to see the cake.

9. A Cake/Cookie Carrier
After preparing a delicious looking dessert, how do you think your chocolatier friend is going to bring it for you?

While cardboard boxes can be an option, the best way is to get a cake/cookie carrier. It helps carry the dessert in a safe way while also ensuring there aren’t any mishaps.

In a Nutshell
Well, there you have it… our top 9 useful and aesthetically beautiful Christmas gifts for your chocolatier friend. 
Add to the gift a fresh bunch of fresh roses with global rose delivery. Give them these presents and put a smile on their face while you indulge in the delicious desserts and cakes prepared by them for the festive season!

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