How to Boost Your Child's Imagination

Imagination’s a vital skill for children which is why it has earned its place in the acronym STEM to form STEAM. This came about as educators realised the importance of creativity in cognitive development and everyday life. A private school in Worcestershire has a brilliant set of tips to help you boost your child’s imagination that we have shared with you below.

child outdoors

Outdoor Play
Random stimuli can boost the imagination by helping the brain to make new associations and consider different perspectives. A way that you can explore this with children is outdoor play. There’s lots to be inspired by in the outdoors. From tweeting birds to the howling wind. Take time to explore the things that you can see and ask them questions to encourage abstract thinking. Questions like whether they think insects can communicate with each other and so on. It gives children the opportunity to get fresh air and “clear their mind” so that they can do their best thinking.

Read Stories
Story books prompt curiosity as they leave room for interpretation and the brain to fill in the gaps. They also rely on the reader’s ability to use their imagination to set scenes and imagine the stories unfold. 

Let Them Work Things Out by Themselves
While you may be tempted to jump in, it’s important that you let your child work things out for themselves. As they explore, problem solve and investigate, their creativity and imagination will grow.

Open-Ended Materials
Play materials like Lego and craft supplies are open ended in the sense that they let children have complete artistic control. This is important for development as it allows children to make their own unique creations using their imagination and exercises their ability to think of new ideas. It also offers a way into the arts and can inspire children to take up a career in the creative industries.

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