An Evening at Halloween After Dark at Cattows Farm

Last weekend we were invited to attend Halloween After Dark event at Cattows Farm in Leicestershire. My little boys were very excited to be going on an adventure at what would normally be their bedtime!  

After Dark promises to be the UK's number 1 night-time family Halloween attraction featuring Halloween illuminations, a fairground, a Halloween themed circus, night-time pumpkin patch and a food village with live music. 

When we arrived, my little boys were delighted to see the fun fair where they got to go on a couple of rides each. As the light started to fade, the rides were lit up which made it quite magical for them. The rides cost £2.50 each so it is worth budgeting for this if you plan on going to the funfair. 

We then went to the Halloween circus which featured acrobats, a clown, motorbike stunt show and more. My 6 year old was transfixed by the motorbike show. The acrobats were thrilling to watch and kept you on the edge of your seat. It is worth noting that some of the costumes are a little scary particularly at the start of the show and also the show is quite loud at times, so it is probably best suited to over 5s. For health and safety reasons, you do need to remain in your seats throughout the show.

After the circus we queued to walk round the maize maze to look at the Halloween illuminations. There were illuminated characters walking round to keep little ones amused in the queue and one of them spent time chatting to my little boys which was really sweet of her. In the maze, there are big light illuminations to see. The tall maize and the Halloween lights, made it feel quite atmospheric. 

We somehow managed to miss the night-time pumpkin field, despite looking around for it, so unfortunately we didn't get to experience that but there were some pumpkins displayed near the entrance and exit so we purchased some of these for my boys. 

After Dark tickets are priced according to which day you select with a mixture of premium, standard and discounted rates. The circus and Halloween light trail is included in the ticket. The food vans are there if you're looking to purchase any food on the night but please note there didn't appear to be any vegetarian or vegan option other than chips so be mindful of this if you or your little ones have a vegetarian or vegan diet. 

My little boys were very sleepy on the way home after their Halloween evening out. My 6 year old loved the bike show the best and my 9 year old said his favourite part was the light trail. 

You can find out more about the event and book tickets by visiting Halloween After Dark. 

*We were kindly gifted our tickets in exchange for an honest review.