Autumn trends for your home

Autumn, often referred to by many as “cosy season”, but why do we call it that? After the heat of the summer, temperatures are starting to drop, the crisp cool air encourages people to layer up in sweaters or snuggle up on the sofa under a blanket which gives a feeling of cosiness.

Vibrant reds, oranges and yellows of the autumn foliage create a visually warm and inviting atmosphere, falling leaves can be soothing and tranquil, adding to the overall sense of comfort. Not to mention food, which is the gateway to most people's hearts. Comfort food, warm hearty meals, gathering in front of the fireplace with that warm glow of flickering flames.

Seasonal scents, such as that Pumpkin spice latte candle you’re burning on your coffee table whilst your carved pumpkins dawn the interior of your home.

There are many things that create a sense of cosiness and with that being said, we’re here to discuss the autumn trends for your home that will have you snug, warm and ready to face the upcoming season.

living room

Adding texture to your home
Think of adding texture to your home a bit like adding salt to your meal, it would be quite bland without it. It is an effective way to add warmth, depth and visual appeal and can be introduced through various elements.

Rugs and carpets - Simply adding a fluffy rug to your wooden floor can give that warm underfoot feel and transform your room into a cosy, inviting space to relax at all times of the day.

Soft furnishings - Incorporate woolly throws, faux fur cushions and chenille curtains to make your space feel cosier. Adding linen bed sheets to your bedroom will also give a sense of comfort to help you sleep easier.

Wall coverings - Exposed brick or stone walls provide a natural and rustic texture which can give a more homely vibe. Adding colourful wallpaper to a plain wall can add a textural note as well as wall panelling to differentiate between rooms.

Layering - Combining different textures in a room is the key to adding a warm ambience. Consider pairing your leather sofa with a soft fluffy blanket, or add decorative objects to your shelves, such as books to add personality to a room.

The use of materials
To add that autumn warmth this season, it's important to choose materials that create an inviting atmosphere not only for yourself, but for friends and family visiting.

Wood is a very versatile material that can be used for flooring, wall decor, furniture and art pieces. This autumn, why not consider upgrading your flooring to incorporate the rustic tones to create a comfortable feel, for example by adding a herringbone floor. Pair this with a fantastic centrepiece such as a natural stone fireplace surround and you have the perfect night in!

Leather upholstery, paired with a luxury throw is the perfect piece for both modern and traditional interiors and will have you feeling cosy and content. Copper and brass are also making a comeback as a statement piece, especially in the heart of the home, the kitchen! Exposed copper and brass fixtures add a timeless aesthetic and create a real sense of nostalgia.

When considering upgrading your home for the cosy season, remember that a well-balanced combination of materials can create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere that suits a range of styles and preferences.

Which colours scream autumn vibes?
The use of colour can make or break a room, over the past few years, neutrals have been the in thing but colour is making a comeback!

Warm earth tones- Think deep reds, burnt orange, golden yellows and earthy browns. Warm earth tones can brighten up the dullest of rooms and create the ultimate cosy atmosphere. Just imagine being wrapped in your favourite blanket on your sofa with a hot chocolate with the smell of pumpkin in the air. Mentally we’re already there!

Deep greens - Bringing the feeling of the crisp outdoors inside, think olive green. The rich earthy tones, paired with warm earthy tones create a touch of nature inside which is a classic choice for autumn decor.

Metallic accents - Bronze and copper offer a luxury feel and have the potential to be huge this season. Think exposed brick walls and copper fixtures and you’ll be on to a winner.

Warm whites - Yes we said that neutrals may have to pave the way for a bolder colour, but what about mixing warm whites with the more vibrant colours such as plum or eggplant? Add a regal look and a sense of opulence and richness in your decor this autumn.

You don’t need to use all the colours to stay on trend this autumn, but carefully choosing and mixing to create the right balance, along with textures and materials will have you creating the ultimate cosy home interior which will make everyone jealous.

Adding warmth to your home with timber glazing

As the temperatures drop over the autumn season, ensuring your home is warm is essential. Adding Kloeber’s timber glazing will not only guarantee to keep the heat in, it will also add a natural aesthetic that complements a range of architectural styles.

Here’s how adding timber glazing can ensure you have a cosy home this autumn:

Match colours to your decor - timber glazing doesn’t have to be boring as all windows and doors come in a variety of RAL colours and wood stains to match exterior and interior decor. You could even opt for a dual-colour option!


Energy efficient - When you select windows and doors for your home, you want to make the right choice when it comes to energy efficiency. With energy bills on the rise, this has never been more important. Kloeber’s timber windows and doors have incredibly low U-Values which means they are extremely energy efficient and keep those energy bills as low as possible. No compromising here, even their timber bifold doors are energy efficient meaning there is no compromise on style or design!

bifold doors

Environmentally friendly - Kloeber’s timber glazing is FSC certified which means they are using wood for their windows and doors that is harvested to the highest of environmental and social standards. A great use of natural materials which doesn’t harm the environment, naturally insulates and is incredibly energy efficient. Not to mention aesthetically pleasing and the perfect addition to any home this autumn season.

We hope this feature gave you some inspiration for upgrading your autumn decor and adding that cosy season vibe to your home whilst also explaining the benefits of adding timber glazing to ensure warmth, being kind to the environment and increasing energy efficiency in this current climate.

*Collaborative post