Sicily and Sardinia: Holidays among Italy's most beautiful islands

Sicily and Sardinia, so close and yet so different. Two Mediterranean pearls that represent some of Italy's most sought-after summer holiday destinations thanks to their geographical location, breathtaking landscapes and dreamy coastlines and beaches. They also have a rich historical and cultural background. The beauty of these territories drives thousands of tourists every year to plan an itinerary between the two islands that is full of activities and wonderful destinations to explore.


With a little bit of planning, you can decide on some pre-established stops to ensure you're able to admire the most beautiful places on the two islands. It's also important to source a holiday home during your stay too so that you have maximum opportunity to plan your days and enjoy every single moment, whether you want to stay by the sea or in the heart of the countryside. If you are looking for an accommodation for your holiday, you can find villas for rent in Sicily here..

The most essential part is always to contact an established website specialising in holiday villas in Sicily or Sardinia so that you can be sure of not having any unpleasant surprises and, above all, to ensure you can choose a location that corresponds to your different needs, whether you are going on holiday with your family or with a group of friends.

The most beautiful places to visit
There are just so many exciting places to explore in these locations. Booking a hire car like those from Auto Europe will ensure you have the freedom to explore on your own terms and to your own timescale. For example, you could then explore Catania in Sicily and, behind it, Mount Etna with its Natural Park, a UNESCO heritage site. Another must-see is Messina, which with its cosmopolitan connotations boasts a rich cultural background and many traditions. And then there is Palermo, a true kaleidoscope of traditions, cultures and contaminations. A rental car is the key to unlocking these wonderful adventures and destinations! 

If in Sicily you can dedicate yourself to culture and history and in fascinating Sardinia you can choose to relax and have fun. From Cagliari and its beaches to the Costa Smeralda, the symbolic place of this beautiful and unspoilt territory. And then Olbia, for those who love to relax not only by the sea but also among the clubs and luxury restaurants.

What if you want more than just the sea? You can discover inland Sardinia, among the countryside, the shepherds and the well-known local products.

Why choose a holiday home

Whether it is a villa, a flat or any other accommodation, the choice of renting a house allows you to experience your holiday in total autonomy, with the freedom to plan your day as you wish with no timetables or standards to adhere to, with slow rhythms and in close contact with the land, whether in front of the sea or in the immense countryside, among carob and olive trees.

There are also many services to choose from: from the availability of a swimming pool to hot tubs, games rooms, open-air kitchens, separate dependences for groups of people who do not want to give up their privacy to home-style gastronomic experiences thanks to self-catering.

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