Authentic Asian Snacks from Morueats

 Recently I was contacted by Morueats to see if I'd like to try some of their delicious snacks. Morueats is an online Asian shop that stocks authentic snacks, food and ingredients that are firm favourites across Asia including Japan, Thailand, China and Korea. I couldn't wait to try them!

The box arrived and my 10 year old was beside himself with joy! There was a wonderful selection to try.

Here are some of the products we tried...

Yuki and Love Sea Salt Coffee Boba Mochi: These have a coffee and sea salt flavour. The texture was unlike anything I'd tried before but they were sweet and tasty.

Koikeya Teriyaki Crisps: These have a sweet and savoury teriyaki glaze. They are delicious and crunchy and very moreish!

Meiji Hello Panda biscuits. We tried these in the caramel flavour and the strawberry flavour. They are cute treats with a panda design. The kids also loved these!

hello panda

Ginbis Dream Animals Banana Milk Flavoured Biscuits: These animal-shaped biscuits are lots of fun for little ones (and grown ups too!) They have a sweet banana milk flavour.

Nongshim Kimchi Ramyun Cup Noodle Soup 75g: These tasty noodles are packed full of flavour.There is an authentic kimchi flavour to the noodles to leave you craving more!

Nice Choice Pineapple Cake: Pineapple cakes are a popular treat in Taiwan. They combine a rich, moist cake with a tasty pineapple filling.

pineapple cake
Taiwan Village Green Tea Matcha Mochi: These are soft and chewy mochi balls with a green tea matcha paste. I'd not tried anything like this before.

Wu Mu Sesame Paste Noodles: These have a rich and nutty taste which offers a traditional Asian noodle flavour.


Pokka Strawberry Milk Drink: This is a creamy strawberry flavoured milk drink which is refreshing and sweet!

Morueats has a wide range of delicious Asian snacks to explore. From sweet treats to savoury options and the option to select bundles or individual items, there really is something for everyone 

To explore the range visit Morueats!

*I was kindy gifted items in exchange for an honest review