What I've learnt from blogging

I started Rice Cakes and Raisins in January this year and today I’ve been looking back over the journey so far. Overall it’s been a positive experience, I’ve really enjoyed exploring my creative side again, a part of me that seems like it’s been on hold for such a long time. I really do think it’s good for the soul to be creative, it’s certainly been on my to-do list for a while but other things have always taken precedence, but if it’s food for the soul then who am I to argue? During the first few weeks I became quite concerned with stats, checking the daily and weekly page views, always hoping I could better the previous score but now I’m not so concerned with that. Sure, it’s great to receive a lot of views and it’s never something I’d not welcome, nor will I stop trying to increase my audience, but I’ve learnt that it shouldn’t be the main focus as this really takes away from the enjoyment of the blog. It might be cliché to say, but if I can help just one person to feel less alone, to feel confident in their parenting abilities, to see the funny side of parenting and to go a little easier on themselves then I’ll be pretty chuffed with that. While I do enjoy the work that goes into the blog from promoting posts, making my posts SEO friendly, updating the different social media accounts, as well as seeking, engaging with and retaining followers, I also have a baby that never sleeps (!) so I’ve really had to cut myself some slack here in terms of the length of time I can spend online but he’ll sleep eventually won’t he? WON’T HE??? 

Particular highlights have been engaging with other bloggers; I see the same names crop up on Twitter and Facebook and it’s lovely to know there is a little community out there of people willing to help and share their stories. Another highlight has been that my post ‘I Wish I was Evening Mum’ was selected by Mumsnet to be one of their featured posts of the day. I’ve also finally entered the world of Twitter, something I’d put off for years as I didn’t quite understand it. I’m officially down with the kids now! And lastly and most importantly, has been the interaction with the readers; like-minded parents that have exclaimed ‘oh my God, me too! I thought it was just me!!’ Believe me, it won't just be you.

So here’s to the next two months! I can’t wait to see what it brings x

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