10 Ways You Can Save Money Now!

It won’t come as a surprise when I say that quite simply, family life can be an expensive business! There are mouths to feed, school clubs and trips to pay for, child care costs and with daily living costs increasing all the time, it can be really difficult to stay in budget. I’ve created a few tips and tricks to make sure your money goes further each month!

Don’t let your contracts renew. At least without first checking if you can get a cheaper deal elsewhere or whether the current company will reduce their fees at all.

Meal plan. We all know we should plan our meals but after a hard day it can be tempting to wander around the shops filling the basket with the things you fancy. This can be expensive, particularly if you’re opting for ready meals and convenience foods.

Shop online. It can be easy to be swayed by the clever offers on display at the supermarket. By planning your meals first and then ordering only the things you’ll need to make those meals, you can bypass all the two for one and half price offers that can soon add up! Don't forget to look online for promo codes like these from dealsqueen.

Look for discount codes. When shopping online, you can often find promotional codes, like these from dealsdaddy, which will give you a percentage off your shopping or even free delivery.

Make packed lunches. This can save so much money. Buying a shop bought sandwich or meal-deal or regularly buying coffees, can soon add up. But you don’t have to give them up completely. Perhaps limit it to once or twice a week as a treat and even then you’ll soon notice a difference.

Buy second hand. Because babies and children change and grow so quickly, very often toys and clothes have only been used a once or twice meaning you can pick up items that are like new but for a fraction of the price

Sell, sell, sell! Do you have unwanted items lying around? Perhaps your little ones have outgrown some toys and clothes. Selling your unwanted items can give you a little more spending money. It soon adds up.

Pound shops. My children feel like all their Christmases have come at once if I give them a pound coin and let them pick something from the pound shop. It means I can spend less and they are happy with a little treat.

Bulk buy. Nappies and wipes for example, will work out cheaper if you buy them in bulk. You’ll soon get through them so it’s definitely worth keeping a stock in the house.

Switch supermarkets. Last year we swapped our supermarket and were so happy with how much cheaper it was and we hadn’t had to compromise on quality either!

So there you have it! 10 simple ways you can help reduce costs throughout the week. Every little helps! 

For some great tips on how to make your money go further each month, check out this guide from Miss Manypennies.

*Post written in collaboration