Saturday, 20 January 2018

Pago Juices- A Review

My husband absolutely swears by a glass of orange juice in the morning. He says that nothing will quite wake him up in quite the same way which is exactly how I feel in regards to that first cup of tea. Juice is also my go-to drink when out in restaurants and pubs as I’m not a big fan of sweet fizzy drinks. When the guys at Pago got in touch to see if we would like to try their juice I was really keen to give it a try. We opted for the orange juice but Pago do offer a diverse range of juices from cloudy cherry to pear for example! Pago is 100% fruit juice without the addition of artificial sweeteners or flavourings.

So what did we think?
Firstly, I loved that this juice was served in a glass bottle. For one, I’m very aware of the environmental consequences of the global overuse of plastic and it’s certainly a concern seeing how much we seem to accumulate in our household over the course of just a week from packaging alone and so this made a welcome change. Secondly, I really do feel drinks taste so much nicer in a glass bottle.

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The juice tasted sweet, but not overly so. It also tasted fresher than the usual juice we buy and did remind me of some of the holidays we’ve had in the past where we’ve sipped juice in beach bars! There was just enough in the bottle for a refreshing drink! So all in all I was impressed and I would certainly be happy to buy this juice again. I was really intrigued by the range of different flavours they have available as this would make a welcome change to some of the more traditional fruit juices you can buy. The only difficulty is deciding which one to try first!

*We were kindly gifted some Pago juice in exchange for an honest review

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