Friday, 19 January 2018

Valentine's Day with Love Layla Designs

As Valentine’s Day approaches, perhaps you’re looking for a greeting card for your loved one that’s a little bit different this year? Love Layla Designs offers a wide range of really unique, quirky and hilarious greetings cards. In fact, I spent a good hour having a good old chuckle at some of the cards on their website recently! Their Valentine ’s Day cards most certainly don’t disappoint. Now I should warn you that if you’re easily offended by somewhat cheeky adult humour then look away now! This, however, is exactly my sense of humour so I just loved these.

The cards are really lovely quality, they are sturdy and stylish as is the envelope provided. They also offer a range of Valentines wrapping paper, balloons, wine labels and badges, again with a range of unique and cheeky phrases.

I absolutely love the little calendar they have too, it has a different quip every month and is again really appealing in design!

Love Layla offer a wide array of cards, not just for Valentine’s but for many different occasions. When it comes to buying greeting cards, I always think the more unique the better and so Love Layla Designs are just what I’ve been looking for. They will certainly be my go-to company from now on for friends and family that share my sense of humour. In fact I’m just counting down the days until I can make hubby wear the Valentine’s Wanker badge for the whole day!

Visit Love Layla here! You won’t be disappointed!  

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