Rombouts Coffee: A review

Now, I must admit that I am, by and large a tea drinker, not because I don't like coffee but because I'm quite particular about the coffee that I drink. I like it to be rich and full of flavour and if it's not then I don't tend to really enjoy it. I'm also not a big fan of instant coffee so that when I do fancy a coffee I opt for ground coffee made in my cafetière. Who can beat the scent of coffee on a weekend morning?! So when we were given the opportunity to try a selection of coffee from Rombouts, I couldn't wait. We were given a selection of both their ground coffees and their one cup filter coffees.

Well what can I say? Hand on heart I fell in love with the Cuba Medium Roast Coffee. Firstly, it smelt absolutely divine and it also tasted beautiful with a sweet aftertaste. This will certainly be my coffee of choice when I buy it in the future! I also enjoyed the Laos Ground Coffee. This was richer and had a hint of chocolate in it too! 

The One Cup filters were the perfect solution for drinking quality coffee without having to make it up in the cafetière, something any busy mum will appreciate! My favourtie of these was the Colombian, a medium roast with sweet and vibrant flavours. The other One Cup filters in this range include the Original, the Italian style and Decaf! 

What I really love about Rombouts is that you know you're drinking a quality cup of coffee and that care and attention has been given not only to sourcing and selecting the coffee beans but also in the roasting process in order to develop the flavour and aroma. I will certainly choose Rombouts when I next purchase coffee! Have you tried it yet?

*We were kindly gifted some Rombouts coffee in exchange for an honest review