Holiday Insurance: Make Sure You're Covered

When you've booked a holiday, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of it; the day trips you will book, the activities you will do, the outfits you will wear, the food you'll try... to name just a few things! Holidays are great fun, but what happens when things don't go entirely to plan? While it's not something we plan for, making sure we are protected against any unfortunate occurrences is of the utmost importance. And luckily, it doesn't have to be a big job.   

Why book travel insurance? 
Travel insurance can help cover any medical fees that you may be liable for in the event of you needing medical attention while abroad. It can also ensure that you are covered in getting home if you do fall ill. It also covers you against disruption to your plans; if your flight has been cancelled or delayed for example, or if you've had to cut short or cancel your trip for reasons beyond your control. It can also cover you against lost or stolen luggage, passports and money. 

If you don't have travel insurance you may lose money as you'll have to pay to deal with the issue yourself. Travel insurance is widely available and can be bought from many places including travel agents, holiday companies, online comparison companies, banks, insurance companies, supermarkets and retailers.

Before buying your travel insurance, it's important to check the cover is right for you. You might need extra cover if you're planning on engaging in particular high-risk sports or activities whilst away. If you're over 65, your insurance may be more so it's worth looking into policies tailored to this age range so you can get the best deal. Certain flights and cruises are sometimes not covered by some insurance companies so always read the small print.

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
If you're travelling to Europe, the EHIC Card entitles you to free or subsidised health care if needed. If you live in the UK it's free and you can apply for yourself along with your children and partner if needed. It is not a substitute for travel insurance. It doesn't for example, guarantee free healthcare, nor does it cover you against coming home if needed or for trip cancellations or lost of stolen property. Visit this guide to the EHIC which includes information about the benefits of the EHIC card in each of the different EHIC countries. 

There's every chance that your trip will go without a hitch but in the event that it doesn't then not having the financial means to pay for your treatment and to come home is one huge stress that you will be grateful you avoided. If nothing else, that peace of mind while you are away from home will be worth it's weight in gold. 

*This is a collaborative post