What Should Your Next Family Holiday Be?

When you’re considering your next family holiday, your main considerations will probably be on the location. However, when you limit yourself just to where you’re going, you’ll find that you’re also limiting yourself to the kind of holiday that you go on too: you may find that you get stuck in the same holiday-type trap. And that’s only natural. Plus, when you’re considering a family holiday, and you’ve got toddlers to entertain for example, then when you find something that works for you, it’s good to stick to it! However, it’s also fun to think about different options that could shake up your holidays. So let’s consider some different options for you this summer. Check out this fab post from Pickle & Poppet exploring 3 different ideas for travelling when you have little ones.

Holiday Camp

First of all, there’s the idea of heading to a holiday camp. When you think of a holiday, you may automatically think of going abroad. But what’s wrong with staying in the UK? When you went to British seaside resorts and holiday resorts as a child, didn’t you love them? And you know that they’re going to be a lot of fun for your children too. So make sure that you think about the different local resorts that could offer you a really great holiday.

On The Road 
A bit of a wild card would be to head on a family road trip. Now, for a lot of people, this can seem like a nightmare. Because the idea of being on the road with their children can seem a bit much. You just know that they’re going to get bored. But if you plan the route well, and you know that you’re only driving for short bursts before stopping somewhere, then it could actually work out as being a lot of fun! And you’ll get to see a bunch of different places too.

On The Sea

So if you do definitely want to go overseas or have more of a ‘sun holiday’, then why not do it with a difference? You should find that family sailing holidays are something worth considering as an alternative to just laying on the beach. And if you love the water, or your family loves to be active, then you could find that this is going to be an ideal fit.

Seaside Resort
And, of course, there’s always a seaside resort. If you really want to go abroad, then take a look at the best beach holidays in Europe for babies and toddlers, rather than struggling to find somewhere yourself. This could be the best option for giving you the sun holiday you really want. I just love this guide from Truly Madly Cuckoo exploring some top family holiday destinations!

Just The Two Of You

But you may also be in need of a little time away. When that’s the case, it’s actually okay to admit that. If you’re working hard, and you’re working hard to bring your children up too, sometimes you just need a break. So maybe instead of a family holiday, you actually want to go away, just the two of you? See if you can find a nice break away that will allow you to relax and get some rest, ready to come home and run your life again.

*This is a collaborative post