5 Essential Things to Sort Before You Travel!

When it comes to travelling with your family, you want it to be as stress-free as possible. With tickets to buy, annual leave to book, accommodation to sort and packing to be done, it can be easy to overlook a few things. But with this handy guide you can ensure the main essentials are sorted which will make your travel plans as stress-free as possible. After all, the smaller things like a toothbrush or nappies can always be solved with a last minute dash to the airport shops. An up-to-date passport? Not so much!  

That all important passport!
Yes you might have a passport, but did you know that some countries require a passport to be valid at least six months before the completion of a trip, so if yours doesn't fit this criteria, you'll need to renew yours in good time prior to travelling. It might seem obvious but knowing where your passports are in advance will save a lot of stress. There's nothing worse than a bit of last minute packing panic! 

Make sure you're covered! 
Buying travel insurance is essential before you travel. It can help cover any medical fees you may be liable for if you need medical attention while abroad. It can also ensure you are covered in getting home. It covers you against disruptions to your plans, for example if your flight is delayed or cancelled and it can also reimburse you if your luggage is lost or stolen. Click here for more information about Bupa Global Travel insurance. Also make sure you have an up to date EHIC card if you are going to Europe. This entitles you to free or subsidised health care if needed, but is not a substitute for travel insurance. 

International Driving Permit
If you're planning on driving abroad you might need an international driving licence. For example if you're travelling to Turkey, an international driving licence for Turkey would be needed. An International Driving Permit is a translation of your national driving license, allowing motorists to drive vehicles in foreign countries. You must always have your IDP along with your national license at all times.

It's all in the details! 
Make sure you have a folder with the important details for your trip, the address, hotel confirmation and contact number for example. It's worth jotting down an emergency contact number in the event your bank or credit card or mobile phone is lost or stolen. Make a note of your passport number in case you lose it too. It's also worth researching the airports you will be travelling from to know what services and facilities they offer. Knowing you have all this information to hand if needed will give you a real peace of mind before and during your travels. It's important if you are traveling as a solo female make sure to gather all the details about the places related to safety prior to your visit.

Money, money, money! 
If you are planning on taking currency abroad, don't leave it until the airport to change your money, as these rates won't be ideal. Check online for the best rates, for example on TravelMoneyMax. If you're planning to use a credit card abroad, check that yours is designed for overseas usage. Some debit cards can have charges every time you use them abroad which is an expensive option best avoided! 

Know your luggage limits! 
Getting to the airport checking desk and discovering your luggage is too heavy is one stress you could do with out. You'll be faced with having to unpack your bag and to disperse it into your hand luggage or will be forced to pay extra. If you do need extra luggage, you can pre-pay and book this online which will save a lot of stress at the airport! 

So there you have it; 5 tips to ensure your travel plans are smooth sailing. With a little bit of preparation, travelling to your chosen destination will be almost as enjoyable as the holiday itself; after all, everyone loves an inflight magazine don't they!? 

*This is a collaborative post