How To Keep The Home Organised With The Little Ones Running Around

As a parent you'll probably realise now just how hard it is to keep your home in order when you have little ones running around nonstop, getting their toys out to play with and never putting them back where they came from. This can get awfully frustrating at times because although you want your child to be happy and play with their friends and be silly together - you know that you're the one that has to tidy everything back up. Even if you tell them to clean up after themselves, let's face it, we still have to do it again because it will never look how it looked initially. This is just part of what being a parent is, but it can all get a little overwhelming at times because we all dream of coming back from work after a long busy day, picking the kids up from school, heading home, and walking through the door and everything being spotless. No clutter. No mess. No crumbs. Just a warm and welcoming home inviting you in.

So how can you make that possible and have an organised home?

The bathroom
If you're used to walking into a bathroom covered with random products left over the countertop, from dirty socks, hair products, and toothpaste, then join the club. One simple solution to get rid of this mess is to get yourself some cabinets from stores like Tap Warehouse. They have a wide range of products available, like flooring vanity units with a basin fitted inside. These not only look stunning and modern, but it gives you and your family a place to put all of your mess inside.

The living room
The living room is the most common place for mess, because that's where the kids tend to bring their toys and then leave them there, as well as where they go to eat snacks while watching the tv. All you need to do to avoid getting crumbs down the sides of your sofa, is to make a new rule. No one is allowed to eat in the living room - they can only eat at the dining room table. That way if anything is spilt or knocked over, it's not as important as you haven't got a carpet to worry about cleaning up. Instead, you just wash the tablecloth.

The bedroom

It's about time that you start to give your children a little bit more responsibility, and that means looking after their bedroom and keeping it clean. If they need a little help from motivational power, then you can start a system where the more or better they do, results in a fun weekend or activity. This can be anything from going to the cinema, going to the park, or having a friend over for a sleepover. There is nothing wrong with putting incentives in place to make them more eager - our bosses do it to us at work so there's no reason your children can't have the same.

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