Tips and Tricks for When Chicken Pox Strikes

A couple of months ago the boys both caught chicken pox. I had literally just been chatting to a friend at playgroup about how they seemed to have avoided it every time a cousin or friend caught it. Lo and behold, that very day, my eldest came home from school with a couple of spots! And so the next couple of weeks meant we had to firstly ride out this bout of chicken pox as well as to wait for his little brother to catch it, which he inevitably did!

Chicken pox isn't nice but it's something that most little ones will catch at one time or another so it's good to be prepared. I've put together a few little tips and tricks we used at the time that certainly seemed to help. It was a long few weeks!! 

~Unfortunately, until all the spots have scabbed over, your child will still be contagious and that means that like it or not, they (and you!) are going to be housebound. Keeping a stock of colouring books, crayons and sticker books can be a lifesaver. Most pound shops will stock these.

Chicken pox, colouring

~If ever there was a time to use the power of Cbeebies, this is it! There's no harm in letting them snuggle on the sofa watching some of their favourite shows. Chances are they won't feel up to much either. 
~Purchase a cooling gel or lotion. We were kindly sent some Virasoothe to use which helps to cool and soothe irritated and itchy skin. By taking away the itchiness, your child will be less likely to scratch away, irritating the skin further. 


~Run them an oat bath! This is really soothing on their skin, relieving itching. Just pour some oats into an old stocking and pop under the running water! 
~Keep refreshed! Drinking water is always a good thing to help aid their body's recovery. If their mouth is sore from spots, ice lollies can help cool the area, all the while keeping them hydrated!

*We were very kindly sent a survival pack from Care Virasoothe featuring a colouring book, flask, candle, bath toys and clothes, perfect for helping us all get through the fortnight!