Finding Mini Beasts With Anthisan!

When I was little I used to spend hours in the garden with my brother finding different bugs and so I've always been keen for my children to do the same. Not only does it teach them about the array of different insects out there but it is also a good lesson in being respectful of different living creatures and their habitats. Whenever we are out and about, the boys are always on the lookout for little creatures, carefully lifting up stones, looking under bark or peering into long grass! When Anthisan got in touch to see if we would like take part with their campaign to celebrate the great outdoors, I knew this was an opportunity not to miss. We were kindly sent an the Ultimate Bug-opedia, full of fascinating facts and photos to help identify bugs as well as a nature exploring kit containing a lamp and torch, bug jar, net and magnifying glass; the perfect kit for my mini explorers! 


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The boys have taken the magnifying glass out everywhere since the summer and we've really loved trying to identify the different bugs we find. We seem to have so many ladybirds in our garden! It was so fascinating to take a closer look at them too with the magnifying glass and bug jar! 

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My boys have always loved playing outside but this year they have become more aware that they are sharing their garden with a whole host of insects. They've also become more aware that certain bugs such as wasps and bees will give them an unpleasant sting if they're not careful. For bites and stings, Anthisan Bite and Sting Cream is a great remedy, effectively relieving the pain, irritation and inflammation they cause. For two curious, outdoor-loving little ones, bites and stings are almost inevitable and so it gives me great peace of mind to have Anthisan cream close to hand just in case!

Disclaimer: We were kindly send a nature explorer kit and Bug-opedia in order to take part with this campaign