How to Encourage Your Child to Work Hard at School

As a parent, there are lots of things you can do to help encourage your child to work hard at school. In fact, the more involvement you have, the more likely they are to perform well academically. If you’re unsure where to start and you were never the academic type yourself, here are some tips from a prep school in London.

School is an area of life that requires discipline, hard work and ambition. Although motivation can’t be forced, you can start by expressing to your child the importance of doing well at school and how it will help them in their adult life. This doesn’t necessarily mean promoting materialism and wealth; you can also focus on things like job satisfaction, quality of life and having a broader pool of options. Always lead by example and let your child see how hardworking you are and how that benefits your family.

Try and be as positive as possible when it comes to school, homework and extra-curricular activities. Always remind your child that you are on the same team as them and that you are there to offer a helping hand where their education is concerned. Ask them open questions at the end of the day to show you’re concerned about how their lessons went. Make yourself available during homework sessions so that you can answer any questions your child might have and always praise them when they’ve completed an assignment. Essentially, you want to reward their hard work and efforts rather than focusing on the grades at the end.

Meet with your child’s teacher on a regular basis, not just at Parents’ Evening, so that you can prove to your child that you’re truly interested in their education. As well as updating one another, you’ll be able to ask the teacher for an outline of the upcoming curriculum so that you can incorporate it into your family activities as well.


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